Learn JavaScript: Top 5 Full Stack JavaScript Developer Courses

Best Full Stack JavaScript Courses
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Following a survey by Indeed.com, the basic salary of a full stack developer is 108,409 USD annually. Thus, it is very massively in demand, too. Hence, to be an asset to the organization, you must be trained well.


What Is JavaScript Full Stack?

JavaScript is a prevalent language. A full stack developer knows how to work with the server-side, front end, and the back end of the web application via JavaScript. It powers the user experience and interactivity on almost all significant websites.


From user interfaces that offer rich real-time data to a desktop-like experience and messaging apps, you will find the employment of JavaScript on the server, on your phone, and in the browser. So, if you desire to code your own apps from scratch, you must enroll yourself in one of the best full stack JavaScript courses.


The course will equip you with everything that is to know for you to cater to the demands of the full stack developers and learn to create a rich web experience with a technology stack and modern architecture. Broadly, as full stack developers they will be working with different languages, libraries, and frameworks and will know how to use JavaScript for every aspect of the work.


Now, the problem is the internet is full of JavaScript full stack classes. So, how do you pick one that is best for you? Well, we scoured through the internet for you and have shortlisted five of the best full stack JavaScript courses on the internet.


But, before we address them one by one, you must know how we picked them or why we think they are better than the other full stack JavaScript developer courses online.


How Did We Select These Courses?

We scanned the internet and picked twenty of the top full stack JS courses we liked from the broad list of courses. There were four parameters that we chose when selecting these twenty courses. These include:


  1. The instructor associated with the course – his experience with the students, the years of his learning and teaching, knowledge, and how well he connects with the students.
  2. The fee that you pay for the course – We did not necessarily pick the cheapest courses on the internet, but we pick the ones that give you value for your buck.
  3. Ratings and reviews of the course submitted by learners who have completed the course.
  4. The kind of resources you get with the course, beyond the study material – the practice papers, quizzes, downloadable resources, and others.


Then we presented our list of the chosen twenty courses to the renowned and established Full Stack Developers globally. They deep-screened and studied these courses, which gave us the list of the five courses you see below. Now, let us get started and address them one by one.


Best Full Stack JavaScript Courses

  1. The Complete Full-Stack JavaScript Course! – [Udemy]
  2. Learn JavaScript: Full-Stack from Scratch – [Udemy]
  1. Full Stack JavaScript Developer – [Udacity]
  2. Full Stack JavaScript Courses – [Team Tree House / Tracks]
  3. Full Stack JavaScript – [The Odin Project]


Best Full Stack JavaScript Courses

1. The Complete Full-Stack JavaScript Course! – [Udemy]

The Complete Full-Stack JavaScript Course

Do you wish to become proficient at JavaScript? If yes, this is the best JavaScript full stack training online for you. With these best JavaScript full stack classes, you will learn full-stack JavaScript development by working on several coding projects with Material-UI, LoopbackJS, socket programming, Redux, NodeJS, and ReactJS.


Each lecture of this course can be availed offline, on the go. In addition, there are English subtitles available for easy understanding.


Rating 4.5
Certificate Yes
Paid Yes
Duration 24.5 hours on-demand video
Instructor Nick Germaine
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Enrolled 303,131 students
Cons Parts of the course have not been updated.


Learning Outcomes

In these classes there are a couple of things for you to learn. These include:

  • Full-stack JavaScript
  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • Rest API with LoopbackJS
  • Redux
  • Material-UI
  • Socket Programming

In this course you will work on three coding projects.

1) Chat application
In the full stack JS course’s chat application section, you will be working with socket programming. A web socket allows you to keep clients connected on the server-side. You will be programming a chat application to create a user account, add several users, and manage and coordinate with them.project

2) Weblog
Through this section of the best full stack JavaScript course, you will be building a featureful blog app with LoopbackJS and React. You will also be working on the full-stack JavaScript elements by coding the REST API. Further, you will also understand how the back-end and front-end mutually work with one another through this part.

3) Calculator Application

Through the last part of these best JavaScript full stack classes, you will cover the React basics. Further, there will be a study on creating components and working within the React life-cycle.



This full stack JavaScript developer course is not ideal for someone with zero knowledge of front-end web development. Only the basic knowledge on the subject will, however, suffice.


Further, you will appreciate this best full stack JavaScript course more if you know how to use CSS and HTML. You do need any knowledge of JavaScript to take this course, but having some idea about JavaScript will help you better understand the lectures.


Who should take this course?

This full stack JS course is suitable for development students who wish to achieve mastery in JavaScript.

Review Mahmoud Gasmi:

i’m following the course step by step… and until now its very detailed, really great JOB!!!, im really learning react here. ;););)



2. Learn JavaScript: Full-Stack from Scratch – [Udemy]

Learn JavaScript: Full-Stack from Scratch

The second on our list for best JavaScript full stack training online is again an offering by Udemy. When you look through the internet, you will find an array of full stack JavaScript developer courses.


However, we chose this as a candidate for the best full stack JavaScript course on this list for a prime reason, that is, the instructor perpetually nudges you to find the why behind the things.


So, you will learn the how and back it with the why. Further, everything else is explained and worked upon from scratch beyond the copy-paste involved in the HTML templates.

Rating 4.7
Enrolled 14,725 students
Duration 27 hours on-demand video
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Instructor Brad Schiff
Return or refund policy You have two options:

  •  You can purchase the course, which comes with a 30-day refund policy.
  • Buy a subscription, which gets you this course plus top-rated picks in Web Development and other popular topics. In this, you will get a 7-day trial. After which, you can end your monthly subscription, but there is no refund.
Cons It seems as if the instructor does not detail in some sections and quickly rushes through them. This can make the course a little problematic for beginners.


Learning Outcomes

A few things to learn in this full stack JS course are:


  • The JavaScript language in totality
  • Learning to control a database (MongoDB) with JavaScript
  • Learning to control a Web Browser with JavaScript
  • Understanding of the Node.js environment
  • Knowledge of the Express framework to build servers
  • Setting up a server with Express and Node JS
  • Implementing log-in, log-out, user registration, and user-generated content
  • Understanding of user-generated content and user registration
  • Learning about authentication both stateful with sessions and stateless with JSON Web Tokens

And a lot more



As such, there are no prerequisites to avail this best full stack JavaScript course. The only thing you possibly need is a computer wherein you can install the software. Further, as this is an online course, you will require an internet connection for the same.


The instructor does not assume that you have prior computer programming experience. Hence, he will take you through the basics and gradually build onto it to make you capable of powering each aspect of the application.


Who should take this course?

This is the right course for anyone who aspires to begin a career in computer programming. Even beginners with no prior knowledge can take these classes


Review Sheila McRae:

I’ve tried several javascript courses, but the concepts weren’t sticking very well until I took this course. Brad Schiff is a very talented teacher who taps into different learning methods to enhance understanding.



Bonus JavaScript Full Stack Classes

1. Full Stack JavaScript Developer – [Udacity]

Full Stack JavaScript Developer

This is a long but genuinely the best JavaScript full stack training online. It will span over four months, and you must put in an effort of ten hours every week to take this course. However, there is a lot to be learned with this course. So, enroll in it, and get ready for the ride.

Duration 4 months
Paid/free Paid Full Stack JS Courses
Prerequisites HTML, CSS, Basic JavaScript and JSON
Cons Expensive


Learning Outcomes

When you take this full stack JavaScript developer course, you will learn a couple of things. Some of them include:

  • Acquiring all the skills to master as a full stack developer
  • Creating an API with PostgreSQL and Express
  • Learning to build UX and UI
  • Designing server-side business logic
  • Retrieving and understanding the flow of data across an application
  • Testing with Jasmine to introduce unit testing in a Test Driven Development environment
  • Creating APIs
  • Processing data
  • Familiarity with API architecture and database migrations
  • Knowing how to retrieve data
  • Building a RESTful JSON API with Node and Postgres
  • Building the persistence layer to store
  • Getting adept at backend development with Node.js
  • Learning all the technologies involved in building the backend of the application to get it enterprise-ready
  • Learning all the fundamental tools required to create a basic API that is both maintainable and scalable
  • Learning how apps scale in a maintainable and performant way
  • Working with Node.js
  • Learn to work with Express for building APIs
  • Writing TypeScript for developer error reduction
  • Acquiring all the primary skills needed for API development
  • Knowledge of databases and querying
  • Architecture an Angular application for clarity and maintainability
  • Building a testing environment
  • Being thorough with REST, CRUD
  • Learning about route authorization and password hashing via JWTs.
  • Knowing how to build a well-organized and a secure API from scratch
  • Learning all the skills that JavaScript developers use every day
  • Building a storefront backend
  • Understanding of the pivotal and the foundational skills necessary for building Single Page Applications (SPAs)
  • The architecture of the application
  • Expanding an existing Angular app
  • Design new Angular apps
  • Learning to apply new features and components on Angular apps
  • Designing and using dependencies such as services and third-party libraries to extend and enrich applications.
  • Deploying your own app
  • Creating your own production environment
  • Automating the deployment of code
  • Gathering insights into the world of automated deployments
  • Building an automated script and pipeline
  • Hosting A Full Stack Application



Before you enroll yourself for this full stack JavaScript developer course, there are a few prerequisites. These include:


  • Knowledge of the application of fundamental programming concepts – functions, objects, arrays, conditionals, and loops
  • Understanding of writing a code, which can be executed from the command line
  • Familiarizes you with employing the object-oriented programming features within JavaScript
  • It includes instantiating objects, building classes, and leverage the keyword `this.`
  • Knowledge of CSS and HTML to style and build the basic static webpages
  • Configuring HTML tags or attributes
  • Listening to the DOM events
  • Writing simplistic programs in JavaScript with conditionals, loops, syntax, and others
  • Reading and writing a JSON object
  • Writing asynchronous JavaScript calls with async/await syntax.



2. Full Stack JavaScript Courses – [Team Tree House]

Full Stack JavaScript Courses

On Team Tree House, you can find an array of full stack JavaScript developer courses under the banner JavaScript full stack track. These present the comprehensive JavaScript knowledge and everything you need to know to add interactivity to the browser.


Track duration 44 Hours
Level Beginners to Intermediate
Type Paid with 7-day free trial run


After you are better equipped with JavaScript, you will learn Node.js, a popular JavaScript platform to write and use JavaScript applications outside the browser.


Overall, you can find different aspects of full stack divided into different courses to be thorough with the skill. In addition, you can find courses targeting every level and skill of JavaScript to help you be thorough with the skill.



3. Full Stack JavaScript – [The Odin Project]

Full Stack JavaScript

If you want to learn the complete and comprehensive JavaScript curriculum without spending any money, then The Odin Project is the best full stack JavaScript course with suitable classes for you.


They have four free full stack JS courses, and these must be taken in the order stated to ensure that you learn from scratch and then build on your knowledge.


Overall, the website attempts to help you understand everything that is possibly needed to create beautiful websites from scratch with NodeJS and JavaScript.


Type Free JavaScript Full Stack Classes
Duration Self paced
Level Beginners
Certificate of Completion No


Course 1 – JavaScript

This is a free course comprising forty levels. So, in this course, you will learn to use JavaScript and design interactive and dynamic websites using it.


What will you learn?

  • Creating standalone, featureful apps’
  • Manipulating the DOM
  • Building single-page apps with React
  • Becoming thorough with Object-Oriented programming principles



Course 2 – HTML and CSS

You do not create good web designs by accident. Hence, after you have developed a strong programming foundation, you will learn to work with CSS and HTML. It has a total of 37 lessons in it.


What will you learn?

  • Knowledge of working around the front-end design
  • Building on what is learned in the previous course
  • Designing responsive websites
  • Building your own responsive design framework


Course 3 – NodeJS

This is a cluster of 24 lessons, and with this course, the instructor attempts to take your JavaScript skills to the server-side.


What will you learn?

  • Crafting your website’s backend with Express, one of the top used backend JavaScript framework
  • Using MongoDB, a non-relational database


Course 4 – Getting Hired

This is the last course in the four-part series and is a cluster of 13 lessons. Web development is something you perennially try to build on to see constant growth. So, you have to continue working in the field and grow to become a successful developer.


Hence, with these best JavaScript full stack classes you will learn to do just that. The instructor will give you tips on excelling in interviews, finding the best jobs, understanding the pay scale, and the vital strategies to grow your career over time. career over time.


So, these are the top five full stack JavaScript developer courses on the internet that we found intriguing and worth your time and money. You will surely find these best Java full stack courses helpful in enhancing your skills too.


At TangoLearn, it has been our sincere attempt to present you with only what’s the best. So, regardless of your choice from the above-listed full stack JS courses, you will not regret this decision. However, we would urge you to take some time and read more about the courses before you decide on any one of them. We have tried to include all the information about them in this guide. However, there are some things, such as,

  • the enrolment date
  • the instructor bio
  • fees, and the
  • reviews

that you can only find on the website. So, click on the link annexed and read more about the course before enrolling. Keep upskilling!


Learn JavaScript is rated 4.9 and reviewed by 15 JavaScript Experts & 30+ JavaScript Classes Students

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