Top 7 Free Anger Management Classes, Courses & Certifications

Free anger management classes
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Do you often feel agitated and overwhelmed, finding it difficult to get a hold of yourself? Do you end up getting into altercations more often than not?
If all this sounds similar to you, you may have anger issues. For your well-being, consider taking up some free anger management classes.
While feeling angry sometimes is completely healthy, excessive anger can be detrimental to your health as well as your personal and professional growth.
In a situation like this, getting help and learning how to manage your anger can help you save yourself from the destructive consequences of excessive anger. There are a number of anger management classes out there that can help you achieve these goals. All you have to do is find the right course for yourself and get started.
To help you out, we have prepared a list of the best free online anger management classes. We have shortlisted these few courses on the basis of their credibility, learning outcomes and reviews. Check them out!

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7 Best Courses To Learn About Anger Management

1.  Anger Management Courses – (Udemy)

Anger Management Courses
Managing your anger the right way can help you bring much-needed changes in your personal as well as professional life. It can make you feel stress-free and healthier.
Moreover, if you are in a leadership position, you must know how to diffuse your anger and not take it out on your team members. Udemy offers a number of paid as well as free anger management classes. You can learn from experts right from the comfort of your home.
While some of these programs are free, others that are paid come with a 30-day-money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.
Top free anger management courses at Udemy:


Learning Outcomes

Here is what you can expect to learn from free anger management certification online by Udemy.

  • Gain a new understanding that will help you put an end to anger for good
  • How to master your emotions and manage stress efficiently.
  • The art of conflict management is also something you can learn through these classes
  • With these online free anger management classes, you will also become aware of emotional intelligence
  • Breathing techniques, CBT, meditation, hypnosis, mindfulness, and counseling.
  • Resilience, assertiveness, and personal transformation.
  • More about how to manage anxiety.
  • Soft skills and customer success management are also taught in this online anger management course free of cost.



2.  Anger & Irritability Management Skills (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs)

Anger & Irritability Management Skills
This is one of the top free anger management courses available online. It has been designed to equip you with a set of practical skills and tools for anger management.
It will help you learn how to practice self-control over your thoughts as well as actions. You can begin as soon as you decide to take these free online anger management classes that require no registration.

Why take these classes?

Here is what sets these free anger management classes apart from other programs:

  • This course has been specially designed for veterans
  • It has been tried and tested by service members and has shown exceptional results.
  • These are self-paced classes
  • All you need is a computer/laptop/smartphone/ tab and an internet connection to take up this course
  • You can take a short quiz to determine whether this course is right for you.
  • It features an anger control plan, games, videos and a learning log.


Learning Outcomes

The aim of these classes is to teach you how to:

  • Manage your anger using cognitive and behavioral tools
  • After taking these online free anger management classes, you will be able to improve relationships with people.
  • How to react to unpleasant events the right way
  • In addition, you also learn how to keep away the negative consequences of anger through these free anger management courses

These comprehensive anger management classes have 8 different modules and cover the following topics:

  • Getting started
  • Understanding your anger
  • Breaking the cycle of aggression
  • Behavioral tools to manage anger
  • Cognitive tools for anger management
  • Communication and conflicts
  • Anger control plan
  • Making it work



3.  Anger Management (Open Path)

Anger Management (Open Path)
This free online anger management certificate program is offered by Open Path, an online wellness education platform. Crafted by expert creators, these online free anger management classes can teach you how to not be overwhelmed by your anger and act without thinking.

Why take these classes?

  • The course is court-approved. So, you can take this online anger management course free for meeting court requirements or for your personal growth.
  • These free online anger management classes with certificatescome with a 30-day-money back guarantee
  • You can start these classes anytime you want
  • You get an online certificate
  • Free promotional lessons to help you decide whether you want to enroll.
  • Hard-copy certificates are available.

The only drawback here is the minimal one-time registration fee.

Learning Outcome

Here is what you’ll learn in these classes:

  • Understanding anger – What it feels like and where does it rise from. This will help you understand the underlying reasons behind your anger.
  • How to free yourself from the grips of anger that has taken over your life
  • Understand more about developing emotional intelligence to have a more meaningful relationship in personal as well as professional life.



4.  Anger Management Classes (NuHopeCare)

Anger Management Classes
Learning how to curb your anger is vital for a healthy and happy life. This program is perfect for you if you are having a tough time trying to overcome your anger.
Along with helping you improve your quality of life, this free anger management certification online course will also meet your court requirement. The course consists of 8, 12, 16 or 24 hours of self-paced classes covering various topics that’ll help you have a better understanding of anger management.
You can try three classes to see if the program is right for you.


Learning Outcomes

These free anger management classes with certificates will help you:

  • Learn new tools and skills that can help you lead a better life
  • Understand basic anger management concepts
  • Understand anger cues and triggers
  • Learn more about the aggression cycle
  • You will find anger control plans in this online anger management course free of cost too
  • Cognitive restructuring and assertiveness training.
  • You also learn conflict resolution in this program.
  • Through these free anger management courses, you will learn self-discipline techniques that can be used when things escalate.



5.  Dr. John Schinnerer’s Anger Management Course

Dr. John Schinnerer’s Anger Management Course
These are hands down one of the best free online anger management classes that can help you learn effective techniques for controlling your anger and set the foundation for a productive and happy life.
It teaches you how to not allow your anger, annoyance and irritability to take a toll on you. This course focuses on finding ways to replace these negative emotions with more positive ones.
One of the main ideas behind 10, 12 or 15-hour classes is to take away the hesitation from seeking help by allowing people to learn anger management skills in the privacy of their homes.
This free online anger management certificate course offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can take the first class for free.

Why take this course?

Here’s what sets this program apart from other anger management courses out there:

  • It also focuses on stress reduction.
  • It teaches how to cultivate positive emotions.
  • It can help you learn relationship-building skills.
  • It can equip you with the strategies to perform better at home as well as at work.
  • The course can show you how to let go of old grudges for good.
  • It will teach you how to reach into your mind and heart and access new happiness levels.
  • Free anger management courses will help you master your people skills, productivity, physiology and psychology and lead a more fulfilling life.



6. Free Anger Management Class (Christian Leader Institute)

Free Anger Management Class
These anger management classes offered by Christian Leader Institute aim at helping people in managing unchecked behaviors that often result in feeling out of control, poor judgment, acting out and indulging in self-destructive behavior.
It also focuses on cultivating positive attitudes and behaviors that can contribute to peace of mind and long-term success. The class is presented by Professor Tony Russing who comes with more than 30 years of experience in presenting Leader Smart courses.
All you need to do to take this online anger management course free is to enroll at Christian Leaders Institute and finish the orientation class.

Learning Outcomes

These free online anger management classes teach you:

  • How to reduce and prevent anger outbursts.
  • Understand anger issues and their causes.
  • Learn the antidote to acting out when angry.
  • In these free anger management classes, you will learn how anger can affect your health and well-being.
  • How to overcome overwhelming emotions.
  • Behaviors that are key to managing anger successfully.
  • How to understand your mistakes and learn from them.
  • Neuro-linguistic programming
  • You also learn how to restore and build relationships through their free anger management courses.


Who should take this course?

These anger management classes are for:

  • People who struggle with anger or know someone who does
  • People who want to serve in ministry.
  • Those interested in becoming a life coach.



7.  Anger Management (HSC)

Anger Management
These 20-hour long anger management classes by Oxford Learning Centre have been designed to help you manage your anger the right way by identifying what triggers you and understanding the consequences of your anger.
By carefully controlling your anger, you can prevent this negative emotion to overwhelm you. In this program, you will be mastering the art of reacting to anger more positively and not letting it affect your behavior.
These free anger management classes with certificates are self-paced, i.e. you can take the lessons at your own pace. The certificate will be issued once you complete the assignment given at the end of the course.

Learning Outcomes

In this free anger management certification online, you will learn:

  • How to improve your communication by being more assertive and constructive.
  • Anger and its 5 dimensions
  • These free online anger management classes with certificate also explain the costs and pay-offs of anger



Facts and Questions

Q. How to know if you have anger issues?

A. While anger is a natural and normal emotion, excessive anger can be a problem. Here are a few signs to look out for to help determine whether you have anger issues:

  • You often end up hurting people around you either verbally or physically
  • You always find yourself agitated
  • You find it hard to control yourself when you are angry
  • You regret things you say or do when angry
  • Even small matters can end up making you feel quite angry.
  • You find it hard to let go of grudges.
  • You become especially angry or even violent after drinking alcohol.
  • You are not too good at compromising
  • You find it very hard to express yourself and your emotions in a calm and healthy manner
  • If you are facing problems with substance abuse
  • You ignore people or refuse to speak to them.
  • You experience inward aggression that may cause you to cut off from others or even indulge in self-harming behavior.
  • Outward aggression or anger outbursts.


Q. How to pick the right anger management course for yourself?

A. With so many free anger management classes available, it may become a little tricky to choose the anger management class that is right for you.
In order to determine which classes you should take, go through the information given on their website. This includes duration, whether it is paid or free anger management certification online course, topics covered, and whether you will get a free online anger management certificate.
You also need to check out the ratings and reviews other students have given the course. this will give you a clear idea of how that program is being perceived by the target audience.
If you are in college or working, you will probably want to go for self-paced paid or free online anger management classes where you can learn whenever you get the time.
If you consider these, you will end up with a suitable class for yourself.

Q. Are online anger management classes covered by insurance?

A. In most cases, certifications and courses for anger management are not covered by health insurance. Look for suitable free anger management classes with certificate program if you are on a tight budget to take up a paid course.


To Sum Up..

If you want a court-approved class, we suggest you go for Open Path or NuHopeCare. But if you are someone who is only looking for a class for self-improvement, Udemy’s courses are your best bet as they do not overwhelm you with information.

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