Top Seven Courses To Earn Econometrics Certificate Online

Best Econometrics Online Courses With Certified Classes
Do you aspire to solve or analyze the economic and business-related questions using the data analysis tools? Well, if yes, you should have a thorough knowledge of econometrics.


In all honesty, Econometrics is complex and challenging. Therefore, it would help if you were thorough with econometric methods to answer questions. Typically, a structure is followed to answer such questions.


However, contrary to popular belief, econometric models and methods are not limited to business and economics. There is an array of unconventional settings wherein you may utilize it.


Regardless, it would be best if you were thorough with econometrics. For this, you must enroll yourself in one of the econometrics online courses. Now, the problem is if you look around on the internet, you will find an umpteen number of ?econometrics online courses. So, how do you pick one from all these courses?


Well, fret no more. We went through hundreds of courses on the internet looking for the best econometrics courses. Then we came across the 20 best courses. We narrowed this list from the many courses on four disciplines:


  1. Offerings of the course
  2. The fee that you pay for it
  3. Ratings and reviews of the course
  4. Experience and knowledge of the instructor


Then, we presented these econometrics online courses to the top econometrics and statistics experts from around the world. They used their knowledge and understanding and shortlisted the below-listed seven ????econometrics online courses. Now, let us read about these courses one by one.


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7 Best Econometrics Courses and Classes

1. Econometrics: Methods and Applications – by Erasmus University Rotterdam – [Coursera]

Econometrics: Methods and Applications
Approximately 1.5 lac students have already enrolled in our first course. These are econometrics online courses by Coursera with 4.6 star rating.


It is truely one of the best econometrics courses wherein you learn to translate the data into models. These models aid in better decision-making and performing the correct forecasts for the business.


Learning outcomes

This course includes the following:

  1. Knowledge of econometrics will equip you to make better forecasts and facilitate rational decision-making in an array of different fields, from marketing to finance.
  2. Learning everything that is to know about simple and multiple regression
  3. You will learn to tackle binary choice data, model specification, time-series data, and endogenous variables.


Study material & assistance

All the resources that you need for this course are included in it. So, you do not have to go around looking for any extra resources.


This course comes with interactive video lessons that help you learn in a fun and interactive manner. Further, this course also has an array of in-video quizzes, which help you assess how well you have grasped what’s been taught.


In addition, you will also receive adequate teaching assistance throughout one of the best econometrics courses. You can receive your guidance from the Econometric Institute’s Ph.D. students and the staff in Jan and Feb every year.


For the rest of the year, there is elementary assistance offered, wherein you can connect with other fellow learners and discuss the topics to clear your doubts.


Why is this one of the best econometrics courses?

This is an amazing course because it is 100% online. So, you can start and finish at your schedule. The course comes with flexible deadlines, and they can be adjusted accordingly.


Further, after you are through with this course, you will earn an ?econometrics certificate online. However, you will have to do six test exercises; there is an exercise each for every module for the certificate.


In addition, you will also have to make a case project. In addition, you will have to perform peer-reviewing activities of the work of three fellow learners in this course. Once you successfully perform all these seven tasks, you will earn your econometrics certificate online.



This is an advanced-level course. So, to take this best online econometrics course, you should be thorough with the fundamentals of statistics, probability, and matrices. These topics will be reviewed in the Building Blocks module, but having your basics cleared in advance will be particularly helpful.


To brush your basics, you can take the “Enjoyable Econometrics” course by Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Also, it is a long 66-hour course. So, it would help if you had the time and patience to complete it. It is an English language course, but you can find the French, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, English, and Spanish subtitles.


Do these best econometrics courses have the right classes for you?

This course is a top choice for advanced undergraduate students in business, finance, engineering, economics, and data analysis. Further, anyone who works in this field also will appreciate this course.


Career outcomes

We call it one of the best econometrics courses because of its outstanding learner career outcomes:


  1. Twenty-five percent of students who took this econometrics certificate online course started a new career.
  2. Twenty-six percent of students who took this econometrics certificate online course received multiple benefits.
  3. Nineteen percent of students who took this econometrics certificate online course received a hike or promotion.


Reviews by DT:

Course was very well structured, pacing was very pleasant (albeit a little fast for the chapter about time series). Teachers were top notch! I had lots of fun while learning . Thank you!



2. Explaining the Core Theories of Econometrics – [Udemy]

Explaining the Core Theories of Econometrics
The next one on our list for the econometrics online courses is a Udemy course. This is a bestseller course to learn econometrics online. It has a rating of 4.4.


In this course, the instructors will help you ?learn econometrics online. So, if after the end of the course, you feel that there is a particular concept or topic, which has not been appropriately explained, you can reach out to the instructor and get adequate clarity.


Learning outcome

In this one of the top-liked econometrics online courses, you will learn a bundle of things. A few have been listed down below:


  1. Understanding of the vital econometrics theories and an intuitive framework to build on.
  2. Master proof of unbiasedness
  3. Get substantial knowledge on Normal, t, F, and Chi-squared tests
  4. Thorough understanding to appear for your Econometrics college or university exam.
  5. Learn Simple and Multiple Linear Regression.
  6. Know everything about the Gauss Markov assumptions and theory.
  7. Get thorough with the finite sample properties of the OLS method (Ordinary Least Squares)
  8. Become thorough with Hypothesis Testing
  9. Learn about Variable Misspecification
  10. Develop an understanding of Homoskedasticity and Heteroskedasticity.


Why is this one of the best courses to learn econometrics online?

For students who aspire to learn econometrics online, this is one of the top econometrics online courses. In this?? econometrics certificate online course, you get four hours of on-demand video and thirteen downloadable resources.


All the resources to learn econometrics online come with a lifetime access guarantee on your TV and mobile. Once you are through with the course, you will earn a shareable econometrics certificate online.


In this course, you have two options – you can take the free trial for seven days, review the course, and then buy it, or you can straightaway buy the course. In the latter, too, your interests are secured, as the course comes with a no-risk 30-day moneyback guarantee. So, if you do not like it, you can reach out to Udemy and seek your refund.



To take this econometrics certificate online, you should know linear algebra and university statistics. However, the instructor will brush it up in the course. So, it is not mandatory.


Is it the right course for you?

Anyone studying Econometrics at university or college and seeking additional assistance on the subject will find the classes of these best econometrics courses helpful. Further, if you are a top student who aspires to learn faster and better than everyone in your class, this can be an excellent course to learn econometrics online.


Reviews by Nomthandazo Mjuza:

It is clear and gives quite good basic knowledge/ foundation for the econometrics course. very useful.



3. Enjoyable Econometrics – by Erasmus University Rotterdam – [Coursera]

Enjoyable Econometrics
The next one on our ??best econometrics courses list is this Coursera course. It is one of the high-rated econometrics online courses and has been enrolled by over 11000 students.


Learning outcome

It is the best online econometrics course and has a couple of things for you to learn. A few of them include:


  1. Three methods of econometrics
  2. Applying the various econometrics models to examples of daily life.
  3. Performing and interpreting basic analysis strategies – distribution, regression, and correlation
  4. Asking the relevant questions, which can be assessed with essential tools


Why is this one of the best courses to learn econometrics online?

If you wish to learn econometrics online, this is an excellent course. It is a 100% online course and comes with flexible deadlines. You can set and modify them according to your schedule.


Who should take this course?

It is the best online econometrics course for beginners interested in learning about econometrics.



It is a beginner-level econometrics course. So, you will require absolutely no prior knowledge to take the course. However, it is a two-hour course. So, you must have the time to finish the course. Further, it is an English language course, but you can find the subtitles in French, Portuguese (European), Russian, English, and Spanish.


Reviews by Miguel J M F:

Super understandable and easy to take, once you start to study you get into it and you realize how useful the Econometrics are.



4. Econometrics for Business in R and Python – [Udemy]

Econometrics for Business in R and Python
At number fourth on our list with a 4.6 star rating is this econometrics course by Udemy. It is a bestselling course and is a great way to learn econometrics online.


Econometrics truly is one of the hated subjects. The complicated and lengthy theorems and the boring lectures only make it worse. However, if you need a simple, engaging, and fun way to learn econometrics, then this is the best online econometrics course for you. It is full of intuition tutorials, use cases, hands-on coding, and more to learn better.


Topics included

  1. Difference-in-differences
  2. CHAID
  3. Econometric use cases in the business world
  4. Regressions and t-tests
  5. Propensity Score Matching
  6. Granger Causality
  7. Google’s Causal Impact
  8. R for Econometrics
  9. Python for Econometrics


What will you learn?

The whole course is divided into three sections.

  • The first one has an overview of the use cases, wherein you will learn the business literature and the things that the instructor has learned over time.
  • Part II is about Intuition tutorials whereby you will know why and how these techniques make sense. Every tutorial in this course is taken from real business situations.
  • The last part of the course has multiple practice tutorials wherein you will learn to code and solve an economic and a business problem.


A few things that you will learn with this course are:

  1. Tools and intuition to apply the learned techniques
  2. Making sure whatever you learn here can be applied practically
  3. Learning about causal inference techniques


Why is this the best course?

It is the best econometrics course because you get lifetime access to all the study material and resources. In addition, after you are through with the course, you will earn a certificate of completion.


You can download and export the econometrics certificate online on your LinkedIn, or you can download the certificate and include it in your CV. Having this certificate will surely increase your chances of landing a job.



To take this best online econometrics course, you require knowledge of basic high school mathematics. Further, you also need to understand statistical concepts, such as mean, median, and mode.


Who should take this course?

This is the best online econometrics course for:


  1. Recent graduates or students who wish to learn data science and econometrics
  2. Data scientists who want to learn econometrics
  3. People wanting to know more about analytics
  4. People curious about data science and econometrics


Reviews by Michael Wilson:

Great so far and learning a lot. I love that it shows how to do it in both R and Python.



5. Mathematics for economists – by HSE University – [Coursera]

Mathematics for economists
At number fifth on our econometrics online courses list is this Coursera course. This course is designed to offer the students the requisite skill needed to implement mathematical expertise and knowledge to the economics problems.


What will you learn?

As one of the top econometrics online courses, the course covers both unconstrained and constrained optimization problems. Further, with this course, students will learn about statistical problems with the help of mathematical tools.


To help you enhance your learning, you will also be given weekly assignments. These will be an excellent way to gauge your understanding of the subject.


The key goal of this course is to help the students gain the requisite understanding of the field of mathematics and prepare them to analyze the simulated and the real economic situations.


Thus, you will be working on the concrete exercises and examples. Further, the course helps you comprehend what comprises strong proof. Lastly, you will know-how knowledge of econometrics can come in handy in your day-to-day life.


Why is this one of the best econometrics online courses?

This is an excellent course to learn econometrics online as you receive a shareable completion certificate once you are through with the course. You can share this certificate on your LinkedIn or download it and include it in your CV to better your chances of landing a job.


In addition to that, this course has no fixed deadlines. So, you can complete the course as per your schedule.



This is an intermediate-level course. So, to take this one of the top econometrics online courses, you will need to know linear algebra and understand the basics of single variable calculus.


In addition, the course demands an understanding of the operations on matrices and the general theory of systems of simultaneous equations. Further, the course also requires a basic knowledge of vector spaces.


It is a long 26-hour course. So, you will need the time and willingness to take this course. Lastly, it is an English language course, and you can find the subtitles in Arabic, French, Portuguese (European), Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, English, and Spanish.


Who should take this course?

It is a vital course, which is a part of the UG stage in economists’ education. So, undergrad students wanting to be thorough with the concepts will benefit from the course. This is also one of the top econometrics online courses for graduate students who wish to acquire the skill and knowledge in this critical aspect of mathematics.


Reviews by MI:

The Best Course for Economists and Mathematicians and Coursera is an excellent platform for learners.



6. Econometrics: Simple Linear Regression (University Students) – [Udemy]

Econometrics: Simple Linear Regression
At number sixth on our list for the econometrics courses is again a Udemy course. It is one of the top-rated courses and has a rating of 4.6.


As we have established so far, econometrics is not a simple subject. On the contrary, it is complex and tends to get boring. However, you may like it or not, you cannot ignore this subject altogether, especially if it is a part of your academics.


This is why you need this great course, which is anything but boring. In this, the instructor has provided you with an array of engaging and interactive lessons that will help you pick on the subject quickly.


Further, in every video lesson, substantial exercises and practice questions can help you develop ample knowledge on the subject and simultaneously check your knowledge of the concepts learned.



What will you learn?

This is the best online econometrics course and has a bunch of things for you to learn. A few of them have been listed down below:


  1. Types of Data – Time Series and Cross-Sectional
  2. Method of Ordinary Least Squares (OLS)
  3. Mathematical equations involved in Simple Linear Regression
  4. Developing a strong foundation in econometrics



To take this econometrics course, you should be thorough with the statistics basics.


Who should take this course?

This is the best course to learn econometrics online for:


  1. Students who are beginners in econometrics and wish to acquire the needed knowledge step-by-step and in a fun, engaging, and intuitive manner
  2. Students who are learning econometrics in their college or school and wish to build a solid foundation on the course


Why is this one of the best econometrics online courses?

This is an excellent course because it has a no-risk class policy. The course comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. So, if you are not happy with the classes, you can reach out to Udemy and seek your refund.


Further, it is a short course with a duration of 4.5 hours. In addition, the course also includes four articles and a downloadable resource. All the resources included in the course come with lifetime access. It implies that you can come back and revise the lessons at your convenience even years from now. This also means that if in the future the instructor adds any new classes to the course, you will have access to them too.


It is a 100% online course. So, you can view it on the go on your TV and mobile. Once you have successfully completed this course, you will be awarded with a certificate. Having this certificate certainly betters your prospects of landing a job.


Reviews by Robert H Mundy:

This course doe a great job of looking very closely at the foundations of the curriculum and taking the student through every step.



7. Econometrics – MIT OpenCourseware

Econometrics - MIT OpenCourseware
In our econometrics online courses list at number seventh is this brilliant course presented to you by the MIT Open Courseware.


What will you learn?

This is a highly reputed econometrics course and has an array of things for you to learn. A few things learned in this course are:


  1. Estimation methods, key econometrics models, and the identification needed in the application of modern econometrics.
  2. Foundational and top econometrics models
  3. Generalized method of moments
  4. Seeing structures
  5. Devising better inference and estimation than the present empirical practice
  6. Methods of interference, identification, and estimation
  7. Penalization via ridge or lasso methods
  8. Modern versions of archaic methods
  9. The modern approach of settling the problem
  10. Method of M-estimators
  11. Weak biases or identification that emerge in high dimensions
  12. Boostrap
  13. HD formulation or big data


Why is this one of the top econometrics online courses?

It is a fantastic course to learn econometrics because it uses real data sets and practical problems and exercises to make you thorough with whatever you have learned.


Topics covered

Here is a list of things that you will learn in this econometrics course.

  1. Review of regression and partialling out
  2. Linear Structural Equations Models, Wright’s IV Principle, linear GMM
  3. Bootstrap and simulation.
  4. Inference using BS
  5. Nonlinear SEMs, Hansen’s Euler Equations, non-linear GMM
  6. Binary choice models, distributional regression, and M-estimators
  7. Linear and non-linear panel models
  8. GMM and M estimators in high dimensions
  9. Bias correction
  10. Basic principles
  11. Treatment Effect Models (TEMs)
  12. Modern principles for estimation of high-dimensional models
  13. Program evaluation
  14. Post-selection and regularization inference in SEMs and TEMs


So, these are the top seven econometrics online courses. We have tried to include all the information available about these courses in this article. However, if there is more that you would want to learn about these courses, we would request you to browse through the annexed website link. This is a vital process as it can help you make a more informed decision.


You can find additional information on the attached link, such as the course’s price, starting date of the course, enrollment process, ratings and reviews received on this course, and the instructor bio. Even though we did consider all four of these factors, it would be vital for you to read through them to make an informed selection personally. However, regardless of the choice you make, you can be assured of top-grade learning.

Top Seven Courses To Earn Econometrics Certificate Online Reviewed by 10 Econometrics Experts 4.6