6 Best Dot Net Full Stack Classes, Training and Certifications

Best Dot Net Full Stack Classes, Training and Certifications
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Do you ever think about how developers build these amazing web applications? Are you intrigued by them, and wish to take on that path, too? If yes, you need to be trained in full stack .NET.
To broaden your understanding of what falls under the purview of the full stack developer in .NET, you can think of them as an individual who works on dual responsibilities of server-side and front-end developer.


Speaking of the present market trend, there is a high demand for Full Stack Developers in .NET. To be a part of this growing career prospect, you must know a lot more than just one framework or a programming language. So, for this, you need to enroll in one of the best dot net online training programs.


We understand that the internet is full of such courses. So, how do you find the best full stack dot net developer course? Well, we did the research work for you, studied through an array of courses, shortlisted the 15 best courses from them, and then presented the same to the top and recognized Full Stack Dot Net Developers globally. They screened through our shortlisted courses and then provided us with the below-listed six best courses.


Now, you may ask, what criteria did we use for selection. So, initially, when we picked the top 15, we ranked the courses based on four disciplines, and since the six below-listed courses have been picked from that very list, you will see them in them, too.


The four disciplines of comparison employed by us are:

  • Rating and reviews received on the course.
  • What you achieve from the course – resources, learnings, practical training, lifetime access, risk-free enrolment, and certification
  • The fee that you pay for the course
  • Experience of the trainer


Now, let us get started and address these six of the best dot net online courses one by one.


Best Full Stack Dot Net Developer Courses

  1. From A Non Programmer To Full Stack .NET Developer – [Udemy]
  2. Blazor Web Assembly Full Stack Bootcamp with .NET 5 – [Udemy]
  3. The Ultimate Full-stack .NET Developer Bundle – [Mosh]
  1. Become a Full-stack .NET Developer – [Pluralsight]
  2. Full Stack Development – .NET – [Seed Infotech]
  3. Learn .NET – [Microsoft]


Best Full Stack Dot Net Developer Courses Online

1. From A Non Programmer To Full Stack .NET Developer – [Udemy]

From A Non Programmer To Full Stack .NET Developer

Ranked at the top of our best full stack dotnet developer online course list is this Udemy course. These are the best dot net classes suited for beginners.


This course goes beyond the theoretical aspect. It has an array of quizzes, exercises, and fun-filled video tutorials. So, you will be building on your acquired theoretical knowledge with every step.


An excellent thing about this dot net training online with certification is that you get lifetime support from the instructor in addition to everything. So, even ten years down the lane, if you have any issues regarding the frontend or backend software development, you can reach out to them and find a solution to your query.


Hence, it is your best opportunity or full stack dot net developer course to become a full stack web developer.


Rating 4.3
Duration 3.5 hours on-demand video
Instructor Ion Cosmin Grigore
Certificate Yes
Paid Paid dot net full stack classes
Enrolled 2,882 students
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons Some topics have not been explained


Learning Outcomes

Some things you will learn in this dot net certification course online are:

  • Building a fully functional simple .Net Web Application from scratch while employing industry-standard practices
  • Being thorough with the basic programming concepts
  • Acquiring knowledge of basic C# backend applications
  • Understanding and developing primary JS, CSS, and HTML frontend applications
  • Learning further steps necessary to become an experienced programmer
  • Knowledge of searching programming solutions on Google
  • Creating an API, Database, and UI
  • Understanding everything that a developer should know to think and work like one
  • Building a layer responsible for logical processing of your application
  • Testing apps
  • Learning complex algorithms
  • Enabling local hosting
  • Knowing how to create a layer responsible for creating operations against the database


Skills You’ll Learn

In addition to the course content, this dot net online training will also help you build some skills. These include:

  • Improving your logical reasoning
  • Bettering your problem-solving abilities
  • Improving your searching skills
  • Bettering your self-confidence
  • Finding a well-paying job in the sector
  • Understanding the working of software apps



To fare well in this dot net training online with certification, you need to have:

  • Having a little motivation to materialize your goal
  • A Windows desktop or PC
  • Some time to finish this course


This is all you need for this best full stack dot net developer course. Hence, even people with no programming background or knowledge can benefit from this course. Your instructor will start everything from scratch in this course.


Who should take this course?

  • This dot net full stack developer training is suitable for beginners preparing to start as software engineers.
  • People who aspire to make a career change but have no past programming knowledge will find this course useful.


Although you get the best dot net training online with certification here, and it is a versatile course, but it won’t benefit experienced programmers.

Review Toby Wilson:

Great introduction to .NET and web application development. I feel confident I am ready to take the next steps.



2. Blazor Web Assembly Full Stack Bootcamp with .NET 5 – [Udemy]

Blazor Web Assembly Full Stack Bootcamp with .NET 5

Again, we have another full stack dot net developer course from Udemy. Again, these are some of the highest-rated dot net full stack classes on the internet.

This is one of the best dot net full stack developer training programs because it makes you thorough with Blazor Web Assembly.


Thanks to Blazor, you can keep coding each part of the web app – meaning the back end and the front end with the framework and the programming language you thoroughly love and enjoy – C# and .NET. Hence, you do not need JavaScript when you are thorough with Blazor.


Rating 4.6
Duration 17.5 hours on-demand video
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Enrolled 1,919 students
Instructor Patrick God
Cons A lot of things, which require a more in-depth explanation are merely touched upon. This may not be very clear for a new learner.


Learning Outcomes

There is an array of things to learn with this dot net training online with certification. These include:

  • Building an NET Core hostedBlazor Web Assembly project
  • Initializing a git repository for the source control
  • Debugging server code and client simultaneously
  • Exploring multiple ways of running a web app
  • Examining the example project
  • Building razor components
  • Knowledge of code block
  • Managing NuGet Packages
  • Writing HTML and C# codes in one file
  • Data binding &event handling
  • User feedback withtoaster messages for errors & more
  • Understanding of loops and more in razor components
  • Creating forms with validations
  • Creating and using models within the web apps
  • Navigating and routing in the Blazor app
  • Adding pages to the Blazor Web Assembly application
  • Buildinglogin & registration forms
  • Showing the validation errors
  • Understanding of component communication with event callbacks, parameters, and services
  • Utilizing models with forms
  • Making the most of the Authentication State Provider
  • Employing the LocalStorage for authentication
  • Exposing the Authentication State
  • Using all the built-in forms components, such as InputSelect, InputText, InputCheckbox, and others
  • Employing AuthorizeView component
  • Understanding Page restrictionwith Authorize attribute
  • Adding the Navigation Manager to navigate the user in your app
  • Inspecting the database with the SQL Server Management Studio
  • Attributing routing (with parameters)
  • Using the same models for the client and the server
  • Creating controllers and models
  • Knowledge of using a DataContext and a proper ConnectionString
  • Adding and reading claims
  • Knowledge of the Model-View-Controllerpattern
  • Creating controllers and patterns
  • Understanding the HTTP request methods – GET, POST, PUT & DELETE
  • Knowledge of Object-Relational-Mapping
  • Employing the Repository pattern
  • Creating and verifying JSON Web Tokens
  • Employing JWT in the Authentication State Provider of Blazor Web Assembly
  • Saving the data in the SQL
  • Securing controllers with the Authorize attribute
  • Employing the LINQ functions to Select, Order & Includeentities
  • Adding relations to the database
  • Utilizing the game logic – growing your army, fighting a battle, and walking on top of the leadership board.
  • Publishing and deploying the app with Visual Studio
  • Using the Web Deploy feature of IIS
  • Deploying the web app on Windows Server with IIS



To start with this dot net certification course online, you must have fundamental web development knowledge with HTML and C#.


Tools Needed

The only tools required for this best full stack dot net developer course are:

  1. A browser – Firefox or Chrome
  2. SQL server
  3. Postman
  4. Visual Studio


Who should take this full stack dotnet developer online course?

This course is preferable for:

  1. People who wish to make their entry in web development with .Net and Blazor
  2. Anyone who aspires to better their skills and heighten their chances at career advancement.


Review Michael Nugent:

Lot of really good information – a nice beginning course to get started using Blazor. Instructor was good, knows the material and imparts that knowledge well. Would recommend the course to anyone wanting to get started using Blazor. Oh, and being a LOTR fan, the game is pretty cool too!



3. The Ultimate Full-stack .NET Developer Bundle – [Mosh]

The Ultimate Full-stack .NET Developer Bundle

This dot net online course by Mosh is intended to master all the requisite .NET skills and land a full-fledged job as a full-stack developer. To be a full stack developer, you must know more than a single aspect of coding.


Bearing that in view, these are the best dot net full stack classes. This dot net full stack developer training covers everything you possibly need to become an expert full-stack .NET developer.


This training is intended to accentuate your career options, help you be fully prepared for technical interviews, and get certified. You can include the certificate you get with this course in your CV, and this will surely help elevate your chances of landing a job.


It is not a theoretical full stack dot net developer course. There will not be any boring theory covered in this dot net online course. Instead, you will learn how to apply and do things. These dot net classes comprise four courses, which take you from beginner to an advanced level.


All the dot net full stack classes in the seven courses offer a nice blend of practical and theoretical knowledge, packed with several real-world exercises, examples, and solutions. At no point will you feel that there is any fluff or non-sensical things in this course. You can invest in the whole bundle of these classes. They come with lifetime access.


Level Takes you from beginner to advanced
Paid Yes
Certificate Yes, this comes with a dot net certification course online
Duration 35+ hours of video
Available for offline viewing Yes
Instructor Mosh Hamedani
Self-paced Yes
Return or refund 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Learning Outcomes

In these dot net classes, you will learn all the techniques employed by .Net professionals.



This full stack dot net developer course is a bundle that covers everything from scratch to advanced. So, you require no prerequisites for the same.

 Bonus Full Stack Dotnet Developer Online Course


1. Become a Full-stack .NET Developer – [Pluralsight]

Become a Full-stack .NET Developer
The next dot net full stack developer training on our list is presented to you by Pluralsight. It is a brief dot net online course of 5 hours and 34 minutes.

Who should take this course?

In this full stack dotnet developer online course, you will learn a systematic approach to building apps. Further, your front-end and back-end development skills would be bettered. So, anyone who wants that will find this the best full stack dot net developer course.


Learning Outcomes

In this course, you will learn the following:

  • Understanding the ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Entity Framework Code First, Bootstrap3, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • Starting with a plain requirements document, listing down the tasks, and developing a web app from start to finish with it



It is a beginner-level full stack dotnet developer online course. However, before you start this full stack dot net developer course, you must be familiar with the fundamentals of ASP.NET MVC 5 and Entity Framework 6, as your instructor will not familiarize you with these frameworks via the course.



2. Full Stack Development – .NET – [Seed Infotech]

Full Stack Development
This dot net online training is presented to you by Seed Infotech. It is a prestigious learning solution and a partner of Microsoft and has been awarded the best training service provider in .NET technology. Thus, the dot net full stack classes by them will surely be beneficial for you. The prime objectives of this course are:

  • Boost your chances of landing a top-paying job
  • Standing out in an interview by effectively putting across your technical knowledge and abilities


In this course, you will learn from certified and experienced faculty. It is not a theory-based course. Instead, you will get extensive hands-on practice throughout the course.


In addition, the instructor will provide you with 100% job assistance with the top five hundred MNCs globally. Seed Infotech has also arranged over 1000 interviews to date. So, they can also help you with a job.


Learning Outcomes

It is the best dot net training online with certification. You will also learn the skills you need to work as a dot net developer. These include:

  • Web page Basics – HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Server-Side Frameworks – .NET
  • Agile Dev and DevOps – Understanding of Agile development and deploying the web apps on the cloud
  • Databases – MySQL, SQL
  • Responsive UI Framework – Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular JS


Hence, for a .NET developer to be successful, you must know quite a lot. So, if you master this full stack dot net developer course nobody can curtail your growth.



  • Module 1 – C programming, SQL, Responsive Web Designing, Quantitative Aptitude
  • Module 2 – C# Programming , Basic ASP .NET , Advanced ASP .NET, AngularJS
  • Module 3 – Real-Time Project using Agile Methodology



Well, it is a long 700-hour course. So, you most certainly need time for it. Further, there are eligibility criteria for the course. Only BE / B Tech / MCS /MCA / BCS / BSc / BCA graduates or equivalent must enroll for the course. Even the students in the final year of these courses will find these classes beneficial.



3. Learn .NET – [Microsoft]

Learn .NET
Want to learn .NET for free? Well, what better than one of the most trusted platforms to do that? With Microsoft, you get dot net full stack classes, wherein you get access to free videos, tutorials, courses, and a lot more to help you learn .NET. These classes are meant to take you from scratch to an advanced level.


Hence, if taken in sequence, these dot net full stack developer training classes will help you acquire everything needed to be a proficient .NET developer.


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So, these are the top six best full stack dot net developer courses. It has been our sincere attempt to include everything associated with these courses on our list here. However, to know more about these courses, you can visit the website linked.


It will help you make a wise decision as there are certain things, such as enrolment date, fee, instructor bio, and the reviews that we have not included here, but are indeed helpful when making a pick.


However, be assured, regardless of the choice you make, you won’t regret your decision. This is all from us. Happy upskilling!


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