Best DBA Course Online: Top 10 Picks

Best DBA Course Online

What is database administration? Database administration is everything that is required to manage a database and make it accessible as needed.


In an organization today, a database administrator (DBA) is responsible for storing, managing, and backing up data.


Learning database administration and getting the best database administrator training online helps develop the data object hierarchy, beginning with the database and progressing to tablespaces, tables, and any indexes or views that are required. This individual also establishes the concepts of referential integrity and any constraints that may be required.


The physical database design is essentially implemented by the DBA. Part of this entails performing space calculations and calculating how large to build the physical sets of data for the tabular spaces and index spaces, as well as designating storage groups.


In consultation with specialists, we have created a list of the 10 best database administrator classes. You can read the highlights of these DBA courses online below and choose the one that best suits you.


Best Database Administrator Courses Online

  1. SQL DBA For Beginners – (Udemy)
  2. Advanced Database Administration by NYU – (edX)
  3. Oracle DBA 11g/12c – Database Administration for Junior DBA – (Udemy)
  4. MySQL Database Administration – (Udemy)
  5. Oracle DBA Training – (DBA University)
  6. Oracle DBA Certification Course – (Intellipat)
  1. Database Foundations: Administration – (LinkedIn Learning)
  2. Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate – (Microsoft)
  3. Data Administration Courses – (Pluralsight)
  4. SQL Online Training – SQL Server Tutorials – Free SQL Training – SQL DBA School & Beyond


This Year’s 10 Best Database Administrator Training Courses

1. SQL DBA For Beginners – (Udemy)

SQL DBA For Beginners

Learning database administration can be rewarding as databases are omnipresent, and the demand for database administrators has risen.


A database administrator’s responsibilities include backing up the database for safety and restoring it if necessary.


This is the best DBA course for SQL beginners that will teach you the fundamental functions that DBAs must accomplish.


You will not need to install any software for this database administrator course online because you will be using Microsoft’s ready-made virtual lab environment.


The virtual laboratories are great since they are free and provide an environment identical to a real-world production SQL Server installation. We strongly recommend you take advantage of this chance because we never know how long Microsoft will have these virtual laboratories open for all.


All you need to access these virtual laboratories is a web browser. It makes no difference whether you are using a Mac, PC, or Linux, and there is nothing you need to install. The lab exercises you will do in this DBA course online utilizing virtual laboratories are comparable to those seen in a real-world SQL Server production environment.


Rating  4.4 based on 57 ratings
Duration  4 hours 24 minutes
Level  Beginners database administrator course
Refund Policy  30-day return policy
Certificate Provided  Yes
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons  Recorded lessons of Database administrator classes.
Course Type  Paid database administrator training online
Course Provider  Skill Tree
Scope for Improvement (Cons) While learning database administration through this course beginners might need to have some prior knowledge beforehand.


Topics Covered

  1. Getting Started
  2. SQL Server 2019 Local Setup
  3. Backing up and restoring databases
  4. Performance Monitoring and Tuning
  5. T-SQL Refresher
  6. Administering Database Security


Learning Outcome

  • Quick Guide for Using Virtual Labs T-SQL
  • Importing and Exporting Data
  • How to Use Activity Monitor
  • How to Use Performance Monitor
  • How to Back Up a Database
  • How to Restore a Database
  • How to Monitor a Database
  • How to Improve Performance
  • How to Authenticate Users and Groups
  • Permissions Configuration
  • How to Setup Auditing



Internet connectivity and a browser are the only things you need for this DBA course online.


Is it the right database administrator course online for you?

  • Anyone with a basic understanding of databases and T-SQL.
  • Not recommended for expert database users.


Review Mirko Cukich:

Awesome introductory class to learn using Microsoft Virtual Labs 2016 SQL Server. The information is easy to follow and the screen view is clear and easy to understand. Another A++ class from this instructor.



2. Advanced Database Administration by NYU – (edX)

Advanced Database Administration by NYU
Second on the list we have one of the best database administrator training courses by NYU. These are the best database administrator classes build on the fundamental ideas, structure, and implementation models taught in the Introduction to Databases and Advanced Database Queries courses.


Among the subjects addressed in this best DBA course here are the creation of database objects such as databases, tables, functions, indexes, views, and stored procedures.


Data Definition Language (DDL) is a variant of SQL that database managers use to build and maintain these objects in the database. Students get a solid knowledge of the DDL syntax as well as the use cases for each object type.


MySQL, an open-source relational database, is used in this course for learning database administration. MySQL and its open-source derivative MariaDB are used in millions of online applications to store application data and perform queries.


The lectures are supplemented by applied laboratories, which give students hands-on experience with a relational database management system and SQL.


Duration 6-8 hours per week for 5 weeks
Level  Intermediate
Certificate Provided  Yes
Course Material Provided  Yes, if taken the paid course
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons Recorded lessons
Course Type Free with the option to upgrade to a paid one
Instructor  Aspen Olmsted
Scope for Improvement (Cons) Free version does not have the certificate


Topics covered

1. Creating databases, tables, and indexes
Introduction to query formulation and execution that results in the creation of databases, tables, and indexes.


2. Making views

An explanation of how to construct views by formulating and issuing queries.


3. Developing stored routines

Introduction to query formulation and execution that results in stored procedures.

4. Locking and transactions

An explanation of how a database handles accuracy with concurrent transactions.


5. Creating Functions

An explanation of how to build functions by formulating and issuing queries.


Learning Outcomes of this database administrator course online

  • Create databases, tables, and indexes by writing SQL queries.
  • Build SQL queries that create views.
  • SQL queries that generate stored procedures should be written.
  • Learning concurrent database processing with transactions and locking.
  • Construct SQL queries that create functions.



  • Fundamentals of Computer Science for Beginners
  • MicroBachelors degree program


Is it the right database administrator training online for you?

This course is designed for anybody interested in learning the essentials of administering relational database management systems, such as controlling concurrency and generating database objects.



3. Oracle DBA 11g/12c – Database Administration for Junior DBA – (Udemy)

Oracle DBA 11g/12c - Database Administration for Junior DBA
This course uses a step-by-step technique to provide ideas and demos to students to learn easily.


This is one of the best Database administrator course for you to become an Oracle Database Administrator (Oracle DBA).


Database Administrators (DBAs) are found in almost every company to administer the organization’s database. However, becoming a skilled DBA is dependent on your understanding of Oracle Database’s general design.


We covered both Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Database 12c in this course so that you understand the differences and work with businesses that still use 11g.


The methodology followed for learning database administration online:


  • Learn database principles to provide the groundwork for Oracle Architecture.
  • Install Oracle Database 11g and 12c (Manual method and using DBCA)
  • Understand the Process and Memory Architecture
  • Tablespace management is used to administer data storage space.
  • UNDO Tablespace management is used to run the undo space.
  • REDO Log file management is used to manage redo space.
  • Control users and security
  • Networking (Configuring Listeners and TNS entries)
  • Recognize the different Data Dictionary tables/views
  • Diagnose problems using Diagnose data and create packages for Oracle Support.
  • Backup and Restore (User-Managed)
  • Backup and Restore (RMAN)
  • Materialized Points of View
  • Work on the Table Partitioning Project


Rating  4.4 based on 6234 ratings
Duration 10 hours 59 minutes
Level Database administrator course online for intermediate learners
Refund Policy 30-day
Certificate Provided Yes
Course Material Provided Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons Recorded lessons
Course Type Paid database administrator training online
Instructor Amarnath Reddy
Scope for Improvement (Cons) Course could have benefited from more real word examples


Topics Covered

  • Introduction
  • Oracle Process Architecture
  • Oracle Memory Architecture
  • Architecture Recap
  • Software Installation
  • Tablespace Management
  • UNDO management
  • REDO management
  • User management
  • Oracle Networking
  • Data dictionary
  • Diagnostic Data
  • Backup and Recovery (User Managed)
  • Backup and Recovery (RMAN Backup)
  • Database objects – Materialized views
  • Table Partitioning
  • Project Work


Learning Outcomes

Following are the learning outcomes after learning database administration

  • Finally, you would work as an Oracle Database Administrator (Oracle DBA) after completing this Database administrator course.
  • You will be able to comprehend the Database Architecture as an Oracle DBA, which will allow you to execute your DBA tasks more effectively.
  • You would be able to install the appropriate Oracle Software/Database after pursuing this course.
  • The course shall enable the learner to Administer User Accounts in the database as an Oracle DBA.
  • You would be able to Manage Tablespaces as an Oracle Database Administrator (Oracle DBA) to give the necessary space for the data.
  • You would be able to execute backup and recovery as needed; diagnose problems, and collaborate with Oracle Support.
  • As an Oracle Database Administrator (Oracle DBA), you would reconfigure the listeners so that users may interact.


Prerequisites for this database administrator course

  • Students should be familiar with SQL and UNIX/LINUX command basics.
  • Before diving into demos, have an open mind to grasp architecture.


Is it the right DBA course online for you?

Students interested in pursuing a career in database administration can go for these database administrator classes.

Review Gaurav Kumar Suman:

This training is going so amazing so far and the way of teaching is simple and great examples to clear the concepts !!



4. MySQL Database Administration: Beginner SQL Database Design – (Udemy)

MySQL Database Administration: Beginner SQL Database Design
You’ve come to the correct spot if you want the best DBA course to learn how to construct and maintain databases, as well as acquire practical, real-world analytics and BI abilities.


Learning database administration with this course will be unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. You’ll start from the ground up, giving you the tools you’ll need to get the job done and, most importantly, how to apply your abilities to real-world projects and learn how actually to think like a Database Administrator.


In these database administrator training courses you’ll be working as a Database Administration Consultant for Maven Consulting, a company that helps organizations develop, maintain, and improve their databases.


Throughout the database learner classes, you will work directly with the owners of several businesses to assist them in managing data in their new and expanding business. In addition, you will use what you’ve learned to accomplish real-world tasks that database administrators work on every day.


Rating  4.5 based on 1306 ratings
Duration 6 hours 58 minutes
Level  Intermediate
Refund Policy 30-day
Certificate Provided  Yes
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons Recorded lessons
Course Type Paid database administrator course online
Instructor  Maven Analytics, John Pauler
Scope for Improvement (Cons) Course setup is quite complicated for Windows users.


Topics Covered

  • Getting started
  • SQL and Relational Database Overview
  • MySQL Intro and Setup
  • Creating and Altering Schemas & Tables
  • Inserting, Updating and Deleting Records
  • Database Design
  • Mid-course project
  • Advanced Concepts
  • Server & User Management
  • Final Course Project


Learning Outcome

  • Write SQL queries and utilize the MySQL Workbench UI to build databases and tables.
  • Learn how to change tables by adding and deleting columns.
  • Create primary and foreign key connections to connect data from different tables.
  • Assign user roles and rights to database users, exactly like a professional DBA.
  • Solve realistic hands-on tasks and real-world corporate use cases
  • Learn one-of-a-kind insights, tools, and case studies that you won’t find anyplace else.
  • Recognize common Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) (RDBMS)
  • You will get LIFETIME access to resource files, quizzes, assignments, and expert assistance.



  • MySQL Workbench with Community Server for Mac and Windows/PC
  • A basic grasp of database principles is recommended but not essential.


Is it the right course for learning database administration?

  • Analysts and business intelligence experts who want to learn more about relational database systems.
  • Excel users who want to move into larger business intelligence or database-focused position
  • Anyone interested in learning one of the world’s most popular and powerful database programming languages (SQL)
  • Students seeking a hands-on and highly engaging introduction to MySQL for database administration
  • Anyone interested in working as a database administrator


Review Precious Orukwo:

It was a very good experience. The lecture, the examples and the assignments. Thanks so much for the opportunity to understand the basics of SQL Database Design.



5. Oracle DBA Training – DBA University

Oracle DBA Training – DBA University
Database Administrators (DBAs) are in charge of designing, installing, supporting, and maintaining computerized databases in today’s businesses.


The position also includes architecting, developing, and expanding databases for future data expansion and capability. They are also in charge of the security, performance, and availability of data to users and customers.


All of the activities mentioned above are carried out with the assistance of a Database Management System (DBMS). Today, the topmost commonly used DBMS(s) are Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, among others.


Out of all these, Oracle Database is the most popular and commonly used DBMS technology in the world today and this is the best database administrator training online that will guide you right through it.


Rating  4.5
Duration 64 hours
Level  Intermediate-level database administrator course
Refund Policy 30-day
Certificate Provided  Yes
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons Live database administrator classes and recorded lessons both
Course Type Paid
Course provider  DBA University
Scope for Improvement (Cons) E-book should be laid in a more systematic manner.


Topics Covered

  • Introduction to database management systems and databases
  • Oracle 12c R1 and 19c database software installation
  • Oracle database creation
  • Understanding Oracle Database Architecture
  • Managing Database Instances, Tablespaces and Datafiles
  • Managing Undo
  • Configuring Oracle Net Services (Oracle Networking)
  • Managing Users, Roles and Privileges
  • Used Managed (Manual) Backup and Recovery
  • RMAN Backup and Recovery
  • Oracle OPatch utility (Oracle Interim Patch Installer)
  • Oracle 12c R1 to Oracle 19c database upgrade
  • Moving Data
  • Oracle Database Performance Tuning
  • Real world life of an Oracle DBA
  • Oracle ASM (Automatic Storage Management)
  • ??Oracle Database High Availability (RAC, Data Guard)


Learning Outcomes

After pursuing this one of its kind best database administrator course, you can become an Oracle Database Administrator. The same Data Administrator course could be used to prepare for the Oracle Database 12c Administration 1Z0-062 test, which leads to the Oracle OCA certification (Oracle Certified Associate).



Anyone can pursue this Oracle Database administrator training online. However, if you are unfamiliar with Oracle databases, we highly advise you to take our Oracle SQL database administrator training courses first.



6. Oracle DBA Certification Course – Intellipat

Oracle DBA Certification Course - Intellipat
Learning database administration with this Oracle certification course will prepare you to become a qualified Oracle Database Administrator.


So, on number sixth in our best database administrator training courses list, we have this Oracle DBA course online conducted by industry professionals from prominent organizations like IBM, Amazon, and others. The teachers will show you how to use system blocks, create compression policies, and more.


Furthermore, with lifetime access to courseware and a 24/7 support community, you may revisit any topic whenever you choose with this best DBA course.


This Oracle Database Administrator course will also assist you in becoming an Oracle DBA master. Through hands-on projects and case studies, you will learn the Oracle Database architecture, database processes, memory structures, schema objects, security, data recovery, and backup in this Oracle 12c Data online course.


Rating  4.8 based on 511 ratings
Duration 64 hours
Level  Intermediate-level database administrator course online
Refund Policy 30-day
Certificate Provided  Yes
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons Recorded lessons and instructor led training.
Course Type Paid
Course Provider Intellipaat
Scope for Improvement (Cons) Expensive course and not meant for quick learning.


Topics Covered

  • Database Introduction
  • Oracle database 12C Architecture
  • Oracle Storage Structures
  • Memory & Process Architecture
  • Alert & Trace Files
  • Database Startup & User Requests
  • Managing Data with ILM
  • Database Security
  • Database Schema Objects
  • Database Resource Manager
  • Deep dive into Schema Objects
  • Oracle Network Environment
  • Oracle Backup & Recovery
  • Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)
  • Data Dictionary & Dynamic Performance Tables
  • Database Tuning


Learning Outcome

  • Database fundamentals
  • SQL and PL/SQL concepts SQL and PL/SQL concepts
  • A database’s physical and logical structure
  • Table space is introduced.
  • Configuring and maintaining Oracle Network Databases, as well as programming
  • Cloud and storage management installation and utilization
  • Best practices and procedures for databases
  • Getting ready for Oracle Database administrator course certification



This Oracle Database administrator training online is open to everyone. Basic database knowledge, on the other hand, might be beneficial.


Is it the right course for you?

This is the best database administrator course everyone who is:

  • An IT Professional or Software Developer
  • Database Administrator or Analyst
  • A SQL Developer
  • Those wishing to pursue a career as an Oracle DBA may consider becoming a project manager by attending database administrator classes.


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Review David:

The course comes with extensive clear explanations and examples.
The overall coverage of the course is also very good and requires special mention. Overall, an awesome course!



Bonus Courses for Learning Database Administration

Listed below are some bonus database administrator training courses offered by different platforms. Read through them to get the insight of the courses.


1. Database Foundations: Administration – (LinkedIn Learning)

Database Foundations: Administration
LinkedIn Learning is a specific skill-building  platform that stimulates learners by providing customised material, an active community, and insights from across all of your content sources.


Ongoing, frequent administration is important to the security and performance of databases such as SQL Server. This DBA course online delves into essential methods and best practices for database administration.


Adam Wilbert teaches a range of basic topics in this database administrator course online. These include how to secure a server with user authentication and roles, safeguard your database by setting up permissions for authorized user accounts, and execute a backup and restore.


Adam also provides professional advice on how to ensure that a database stays operational even through hardware maintenance, upgrades, and failures.



2. Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate – (Microsoft)

Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate.
Microsoft Learn is a free online training platform that offers interactive learning for a variety of subjects.


With this best database administrator training online, you will learn about the following topics:


Topics Covered

  • Azure SQL Fundamentals
  • Plan and Implement data platform resources
  • Deploy a safe and secure environment for a database service
  • Monitor and optimize operational resources in SQL Server
  • Optimize query performance in SQL Server
  • Automates tasks in SQL server
  • Plan and implement high availability and disaster recovery environment



3. Data Administration Courses – (Pluralsight)

Data Administration Courses
Pluralsight has some of the best DBA courses. You can use this platform to assess and validate your knowledge, stay up to date on current trends, and develop in-demand skills in multiple areas such as Database administration, DevOps, machine learning, cloud, security, and infrastructure.


There is a wide variety of database administrator training courses offered for DBA(s). We have listed a few of them below. Choose the database administrator course that suits your needs.


  1. PostgreSQLPlaybook for Developer DBAs
  2. SQL Server 2012 Database Administration (70-462) Part 1
  3. SQL Server 2012 Database Administration (70-462) Part 2
  4. SQL Server 2012 Database Administration (70-462) Part 3
  5. Microsoft Azure Developer: Managing Azure SQL Database
  6. OCP 12c Enhancements for the DBA



4. SQL Online Training – SQL Server Tutorials- Free SQL Training – SQL DBA School & Beyond

SQL Online Training - SQL Server Tutorials- Free SQL Training - SQL DBA School & Beyond

SQL DBA School is a premier online SQL Server learning platform that teaches anybody how to master business, software, technology, and creative skills in order to accomplish personal and professional SQL goals.


Members get access to the SQL Server video collection of fascinating, PDF study white papers, books, and top-quality courses presented by acknowledged SQL DBA School industry professionals through individual, corporate, academic, and business government subscriptions.


Some of the database administrator training courses offered:

  1. SQL Server DBA Training From Beginner To Advanced
  2. SQL Server 2019 Overview And Installation
  3. SQL Server Tutorial Interactive
  4. Database Foundations Administration
  5. SQL Server Database Backup Tutorial


We have jotted down the best DBA courses for learning database administration and taking your career ahead. Read through them and find the best database administrator classes for yourself, based on your budget, requirement, and availability.


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