8 Best Civil Engineering Online Courses & Training Classes

Best Civil Engineering Online Courses
Civil engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the structural design and construction of bridges, roads, buildings, etc.


This field also incorporates the construction and supervision of physical and naturally built environments, including public works such as canals, dams, airports, sewage systems, pipelines, and structural components of railways.


Civil engineering is a fascinating job because you can see the consequences of your labor at the end of the day, whether it’s a finished bridge, a high-rise structure, a subway station, or a hydroelectric dam.


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Learn Civil Engineering Online With These Courses

1. Construction Management Specialization offered by Columbia University

Construction Management Specialization offered by Columbia University
The Construction Management Specialization is designed for construction and civil engineering professionals who want to enhance their careers.


Students will receive broad market knowledge as well as learn about the most recent trends and developments in the business through this specialty.


This five-course specialization will cover construction management fundamentals, such as project initiation and planning, scheduling methodologies and processes, cost estimation and control, and construction project financials.


Students who finish these civil engineering online courses will have learned valuable skills and tools to help them stay current and ahead of the curve in the field of construction management.


Rating 4.8 based on 5,466 ratings
DurationApproximately 7 months long civil engineering online classes
Level Beginner level course
Refund Policy 14-day return policy
Certificate Provided Yes
Course Material Provided Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons Recorded lessons
Course Type Paid course
Course InstructorIbrahim Odeh
Scope for Improvement (Cons)This civil engineering certificate online course is theoretical and lacks practical knowledge. Therefore, it should impart more practical insights with this course.


Topics Covered

a. Construction Project Management

  • Construction Industry Overview
  • Introduction To the Engineering and Construction Industry
  • Construction Projects and Industry Characteristics
  • Challenges And Opportunities in The Construction Industry
  • Construction, Project, And Program Management
  • Construction Vs. Manufacturing Industry
  • The Prospects of The Construction Industry
  • Introduction To the EAC Life Cycle and The Cost of Change In It

b. Project Delivery

  • Project Development Cycle
  • Contract Types
  • Project Delivery Methods
  • Contracting Strategy Assessment
  • CM at Risk and CM as Agency
  • Alliance Contracting and Public-Private Partnerships
  • Types of Surety Bonds
  • Purchasing a Surety Bond
  • Terminating a Surety Bond
  • Surety Loss Data

c. Lean Project Delivery

  • Project Delivery and the Theory of Lean
  • Lean Design and Delivery
  • Lean Design: Flow

d. Sustainability in the Construction Industry

  • Safety in Construction Industry
  • Community Involvement in a Construction Project
  • Rating Systems for Construction Projects
  • The Envision Rating System

e. Construction Scheduling

f. Construction Cost Estimating and Cost control

g. Construction Finance


Learning Outcomes

  • Project Management, Construction Management, Work Breakdown Structure, Project Planning
  • Schedule
  • Linear Scheduling Method
  • Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)
  • Critical Path Method
  • Cash Flow
  • Cost
  • Cost Control
  • Cost Estimate
  • Financial Modeling
  • Finance
  • Real Estate


Is it the right civil engineering certificate online course for you?

This is the best course for-

  • Engineers
  • Constructors
  • Builders



2. Fundamentals of Structural Analysis offered by Udemy

Fundamentals of Structural Analysis offered by Udemy

This course will go over key ideas and methods in static structural analysis. Starting with the fundamentals, you’ll investigate forces, moments, and how to apply the principle of static equilibrium.


Then you’ll look at pin-jointed structures or trusses; what are they, and how do you analyze them? Finally, you’ll go through the joint resolution approach and the method of sections in depth.


Worked examples are frequently used in this course to show the practical application of theory.


This course has been created to cover the critical themes that students will meet while learning structural mechanics for the first time.


Rating4.6 based on 620 ratings
Duration3 months course
LevelIntermediate level civil engineering online courses
Refund Policy30-day return policy
Certificate ProvidedYes
Course Material ProvidedYes
Live Classes/Recorded LessonsRecorded civil engineering online classes
Course TypePaid course
Course InstructorDr. Sean Carroll
Scope for Improvement (Cons)The pace of this course is too fast.


Topics Covered

  • 2D Force Systems
  • Force resultants and components
  • Couples and equivalent systems
  • Static equilibrium and reaction forces
  • Calculating reaction forces
  • Limitations of the equations of statics
  • Analysis of pin jointed structure
  • Pin jointed structure in theory
  • Pin jointed structure in reality
  • Force calculation using ‘Joint Resolution’
  • Force calculation using ‘Method of Sections’
  • Statical determinacy


Learning Outcomes

  • Grasp fundamental concepts like the moment of a force, static equilibrium, and determinacy
  • Calculate the support responses for buildings subjected to a variety of loading circumstances
  • Learn how to utilize the Joint Resolution Method and the Method of Sections to analyze pin-jointed truss constructions.
  • Recognize the fundamental distinctions between simplified analysis models and the behavior of real-world structures



  • Pencil, paper, and calculator
  • A decent knowledge of introductory algebra and geometry from high school


Is it the best civil engineering online training course for you?

This is the best course for:

  • Undergraduate engineering students who are confused by their structural lectures. This course starts from the ground up, laying a solid foundation from the beginning.
  • Advanced engineering students who need a refresher course.
  • Engineering students who are about to head start their career.


Reviews by Caleb David P.:

This course is amazing, learning is well explained and straight forward making it easy to understand 🙂



3. Basics of Civil Engineering in Construction by Udemy

Basics of Civil Engineering in Construction by Udemy

It is one of the best civil engineering online courses for students to understand specific fundamental civil engineering topics. This course is designed to teach you the basic concepts that will assess your logical reasoning ability. In short, this course is designed to fill the gap left by four years of engineering.


Rating4.3 based on 484 ratings
Duration6 hours
LevelIntermediate level course
Refund Policy30-day return policy
Certificate ProvidedYes
Course Material ProvidedYes
Live Classes/Recorded LessonsRecorded lessons
Course TypePaid civil engineering online classes
Course InstructorGokul Saud
Scope for Improvement (Cons)The accent of the instructor is a little bit difficult to comprehend.


Topics Covered

  • Basic terms and facts
  • The lapping of Rebars and column rebars
  • Characteristic strength of concrete
  • Uses of different grades of concrete
  • Usage of cover blocks
  • How to provide concrete cover
  • Clear cover for different structural members
  • Weight of the Rebar Introduction
  • The formula for Rebar Weight Calculation
  • Contract and pre-construction works
  • What is Tendering
  • Phases of a Project and Tendering
  • Difference Between Contract and Tendering
  • Terminologies of Tendering
  • Billing and measurement
  • Measure area of land
  • Building foundation
  • Structural members
  • Buildings
  • Concrete and concrete works
  • Leveling


Learning Outcomes

  • Civil Engineering topics that are not covered in college.
  • The contractual procedure, site work, site management, concrete work, rebar work, etc.
  • Structure knowledge and on-site work



  • Civil engineering fundamentals


Is it the right civil engineering certificate online for you?

These are the best civil engineering online courses for:

  • Engineering students are nearing the end of their program.
  • Engineering grads looking for work.
  • Engineering students taking part in placement interviews
  • Students attending an interview for the position of a civil engineer.


Reviews by Precious T.:

This was a very good course! As an administrative officer in a construction company it gives me the insight I need in order to work and understand the works around me. Thank you!



4. Crash Course on Civil Engineering and AutoCAD: Part 1 by Udemy

Crash Course on Civil Engineering and AutoCAD: Part 1 by Udemy

When you hear the term “artificial intelligence” in civil engineering, images of robots driving trucks and pouring bricks may spring to mind.


As a matter of fact, AI has more complex applications in construction management, design optimization, risk management, and quality control. This part 1 civil engineering certificate online course will teach you fundamental and advanced ideas for civil engineers that will help you develop in your profession.


It will also assist in increasing the profitability of any construction firm by utilizing tools, practical concepts, and approaches.


As technology advances, one might anticipate that the genetic algorithm in civil engineering applications will become more broad and effective.


Rating4.3 based on 254 ratings
Duration1 hour course
LevelIntermediate level course
Refund Policy30-day return policy
Certificate ProvidedYes
Course Material ProvidedYes
Live Classes/Recorded LessonsRecorded lessons
Course TypePaid civil engineering online training
Course InstructorLearn civil engineering online with Srinidhi Ranganathan, Saranya Srinidhi
Scope for Improvement (Cons)The course is basically an introduction to software and web apps available for the construction industry.


Topics Covered in These Civil Engineering Online Courses

  • Advanced concepts
  • Quality Management Breakthrough Concept Tool
  • Safety Management Breakthrough Concept Tool
  • Measure interior floor plans fast with this superb tool
  • The Vision for Civil Engineering in 2026
  • The Future of Artificial Intelligence in the Construction Sector
  • 3D Home Interior Constructional Software: Full Tutorial
  • 3D Home Interior Making: Assignment
  • Special: Construction and Floor Plan App for Contractors and Civil Engineers


Learning Outcomes

  • Civil Engineering Construction Tools and Applications: Practical Concepts and Applications
  • Tools for Quality Management and Safety Management, as well as 3D Home Design Software



Basic knowledge of civil engineering is required before enrolling in these civil engineering online courses.


Are these the right civil engineering online classes for you?

This is the best course to learn civil engineering online for:

  • Civil engineering students who want to understand advanced principles of artificial intelligence for practical application in their area.
  • Senior design engineers with professional experience in designing numerous projects who wish to use this technology to accelerate the process.
  • Engineering grads looking for work in their field of expertise
  • Civil engineering college instructors who want to research emerging technologies in the civil engineering profession in 2021 and beyond are also encouraged to apply.
  • Anyone who is interested in learning about AI technology in Civil Engineering.


Reviews by Isaiah M.:

The Tutorial video is great it have made me to know different softwares to be used to achieve a successful project delivery



5. Grow your Civil Engineering Skills by Pluralsight

Grow your Civil Engineering Skills by Pluralsight

If civil engineering is your objective, you should become acquainted with Civil 3D, the civil engineering design program. Pluralsight provides various Civil 3D tutorials and civil engineering online courses to assist you in your job or other civil engineering-related careers.


Grading, corridor modeling, pressure network modeling, site design, plan creation, and other topics will be covered by industry specialists in these courses.


Pluralsight offers multiple civil engineering online classes for civil engineering students. Find the best civil engineering certificate online course for yourself from the ones listed below.


Civil 3D Assemblies and Corridor Modeling Fundamentals 

In this course, you’ll master the foundations of designing corridors before moving on to some of the more complex data extraction and analysis tools available for corridors.


By the end of this course, you should be comfortable developing and altering corridor models and have the expertise to begin using corridor models in your own Civil design projects.


Touched Upon Topics

  • Creating the centerline alignment
  • Creating the offset alignments
  • Designing the vertical profile
  • Creating Assemblies
  • Exploring the subassemblies tool palettes
  • Introduction to code set styles
  • Building the assembly
  • Building the corridor model
  • Corridor targeting
  • Corridor frequency settings
  • Corridor regions
  • Corridor baselines
  • Creating corridor surfaces
  • Corridor surface boundaries
  • Exploring corridor tools
  • Conclusion


Introduction to Surveying: Field to Finish in AutoCAD Civil 3D

In this best civil engineering certificate online course, you will study the fundamentals of land surveying, taking field measurement data from a surveyor’s tools and processing it into a dynamic Civil 3D model.


First, you will become acquainted with survey objects and databases. Following that, in these civil engineering online courses you will investigate the sections of the Civil 3D user interface that are special to Survey operations and the Survey settings.


Finally, with this civil engineering online training course you will discover how to utilize description keys to modify the appearance of points and layers based on their Raw Description codes.


Microstation Essentials: Designing and Annotating Elements

MicroStation Essentials: Designing and Annotating Elements teaches you how to construct, modify, and annotate elements in MicroStation.


  • First, you will learn how to utilize several sketching tools to create new material.
  • Following that, you’ll learn how to choose elements more efficiently.
  • Then you’ll learn how to manipulate existing elements with the manipulation tools and edit existing pieces using the modified toolbox.
  • Finally, you’ll learn how to place and create cells that will be utilized often in your designs and drawings. In addition, you will learn how to add text, measurements, and hatch patterns to finish your design base files and sheets.



6. The Art of Structural Engineering: Bridges by Princeton University – [edX]

The Art of Structural Engineering: Bridges by Princeton University

Many universities offer civil engineering online courses, but Princeton University offers the most sought-after courses.


This course demonstrates how engineering is a creative profession that may become art by focusing on some notable bridges built during the industrial revolution.


The course also demonstrates the impact of the economic and social background on bridge design and the interaction of forces and shape.


This is the first of three courses in the Art of Structural Engineering, each of which is self-contained. The other two courses will cover tall buildings/towers and vaults.


DurationApproximately 8 weeks course
LevelIntroductory level best civil engineering online classes
Refund Policy 14-day return policy
Certificate Provided Yes
Course Material Provided Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons Recorded lessons
Course Type Free civil engineering online training, but the certification is paid.
Course InstructorLearn civil engineering online with Maria Garlock
Scope for Improvement (Cons)No certificate awarded in the free track.


Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Structural Art
  • The Origin of Structural Art: British Metal Forms
  • John Roebling and the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Othmar Ammann and his constructed bridges of NYC
  • The Golden Gate Bridge
  • Robert Maillart and Reinforced Concrete Bridges
  • Origins of Prestressing: Freyssinet, Magnel, and Finsterwalder
  • New Bridge Forms: Christian Menn
  • The Politics & Art of Spanish Bridge Design


Learning Outcomes

  • How to solve for structural efficiency using proper formulae
  • How to Assess a Structure Using Structural Art Metrics
  • The impact of economic, social, and cultural factors on structural design
  • How to Analyze Bridge Forms: Suspension, Beams, Pre-Stressed, Arch, Cable-Stayed, and Tied-Arch



There are no prerequisites to enroll in this civil engineering certificate online course.



7. Civil Engineering courses by LinkedIn Learning 

Civil Engineering courses by LinkedIn Learning
LinkedIn Learning offers some of the best civil engineering online classes for learners of all ages and experiences. Pick up the most suitable civil engineering online courses for yourself from the below-listed courses:


Practical engineering 

This course entails the essential principles that all civil and mechanical engineers must understand and demonstrations how they really operate.


Grady Hillhouse illustrates how engineering concepts become real by using PC models anticipating groundwater flow to hand-built samples of mechanically stabilized soil.


Every month, he presents a critical new topic that will increase your grasp of fundamental engineering principles such as force, strength, tension, compression, and more and assist you in finding better solutions to frequent design difficulties.


Become a Civil Engineering CAD Technician

Civil engineering CAD experts develop structural designs for construction using industry-leading software.


Learn the skills you’ll need to succeed, from 2D and 3D drafting to constructing and validating plans for large construction projects. This one of the best civil engineering certificate online course will assist you to:


  • Learn how to use digital drafting to create and test ideas.
  • Prepare plans for building by creating 2D and 3D drawings.
  • Use professional best practices, design in AutoCAD and Civil 3D.


Autodesk Civil 3D 2020 Essential Training

This is the best civil engineering online training program to teach new Civil 3D users the fundamentals of the topic. Josh Modglin demonstrates how to model a surface, lay out parcels, and construct geometry, including horizontal alignments and vertical profiles.


Following that, in these civil engineering online courses he shows how to make corridors, cross-sections, gravity pipe networks, and pressure pipe networks. He then discusses dealing with feature lines and grading objects before concluding with an overview of the plan creation tools.


Each chapter is chock-full of shortcuts and recommendations to make your workflow easier and more effective. It will also assist you in capitalizing on the distinct advantages of Civil 3D over competing civil design tools.



8. Civil Engineering Online classes by CivilERA

Civil Engineering Online classes by CivilERA
CivilERA’s civil engineering online courses prepare you to be a self-sufficient structural engineer by filling any gaps in your knowledge.


The courses here teach you to plan, create, and make comprehensive drawings for a complete project. The directors who have extensive expertise working with Multinational Companies that operate on high-rise structures in Dubai, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom have picked the course’s contents.


Instructors are practical structural consultants who work on real-world projects in India and the Middle East. With consulting experience, you will be job-ready after working on real projects.



So, these were the 8 best civil engineering online classes that you could take up. Pick well!


Best Civil Engineering Online Courses Reviewed by 10 Civil Engineer 4.6

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