Tried by the Experts, These Are The Best Belly Dancing Online Classes

Belly Dancing Online Classes
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Belly dance is one of the most sensuous and elegant dance forms out there. Although it has its origins in Egypt, this ancient dance is practiced in various parts of the world.
Belly dancing online classes are a great way to learn and practice this art on your schedule. Belly dance has evolved drastically over the years, modified according to country and region. But through all these changes, one thing remains the same – this dance form is extremely beneficial and fun.
Those intricate torso and hip movements not only look amazing but are also great for your body and fitness level. This is an interesting and enjoyable approach to exercising your muscles and toning your body. Your flexibility will improve and your core will be strengthened.

Learn Belly Dance Online With These Classes

  1. Learn How to Belly Dance: Complete Guide from A to Z (Udemy)
  2. Mesmerizing Belly Dance – Foundations 1 (Udemy)
  3. Belly Dance for Beginners: Technique and Combinations (Udemy)
  4. Online Belly Dance Classes (Skillshare)
  5. The essence of Belly Dance by Coco
  6. Melissa Belly Dance
  7. Online Belly Dance Classes (
  8. Belly Dance Classes (Datura)

    But that is not all. Did you know that the benefits of this incredible dance form are not limited to physical health? Belly dance can help you become more aware of your body and reconnect with it in a way you’ve never done before. It is a form of self-care and can help boost your confidence.
    If all these benefits of belly dance lessons online have you convinced that learning belly dance should be on your to-do list, we have the perfect solution for you. You don’t need to go out looking for belly dance classes all over the city when you can learn from the experts right in the comforts of your home.
    To get you started, here is a list of classes for you based on their course coverage, practicality, and reviews. Take a look!

    The Best Online Belly Dance Classes That Are So Much Fun!

    1. Learn How to Belly Dance: Complete Guide from A to Z (Udemy)

    Learn How to Belly Dance: Complete Guide from A to Z
    Belly dance is practiced all across the world among people of all sizes and ages. You can learn belly dance online with this 17 hours long belly dance course.
    Be it for physical fitness or simply to learn something new, this comprehensive course offered by an award-winning professional dancer will teach you the fundamentals, basics, and movements of belly dance.
    The course is a perfect fit for those who are new to belly dancing as well as those who have no prior experience in dancing in general. Those who know the basics of this art and are looking to level up may also take up these belly dancing online classes.

    Rating 4.6
    Return or refund policy 30-days-money-back-guarantee
    Certification Yes
    Paid Yes
    Duration 17.5 hours  of on-demand videos
    Enrolled 1,532 students
    Instructor Iana Komarnytska



    Learning Outcomes

    Learn belly dance online with this amazing course offered by Udemy. In this program, you will be learning:

    1. Everything that you need to know about belly dancing.
    2. Learn through step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions
    3. Ample practice to help you master the moves.
    4. Get to know more about the music and costume fashion associated with this dance.
    5. Understand the cultural environment associated with this dance and important elements of a belly dance show.
    6. Develop a thorough belly dance routine with this belly dance online course.
    7. Gain a better understanding of this art by learning more about the fundamentals of dancing with a veil, basic dance rhythms, folklore associated with this dance, and more.
    8. Learn how to use all the movements you learn to create dance combinations.
    9. Learn movements associated with belly dance such as belly rolls, shimmies, undulations, hips movements, chest isolations, etc.



    To take up these belly dance lessons online, you require:

    • The willingness to learn a new skill.
    • An outfit that will give you ample space for movements.
    • Accessories like a belt or hip scarf are optional.
    • You do not require prior dance experience to take up this course.


    Who should take this course?

    These belly dancing online classes are for:

    • Absolute beginners who are willing to learn belly dance.
    • Students who know the basics but who may have been out of practice for a while or are willing to improve on their technique.


    Review Nikita F.

    This is a perfect course for beginners, Iana is a fantastic teacher and explains the moves very thoroughly, showing correct technique and important nuances. There’s lots of material to work through and come back to. I cannot recommend this enough to anyone who seriously wants to take belly dance up as a hobby.



    2. Mesmerizing Belly Dance – Foundations 1 (Udemy)

    Mesmerizing Belly Dance - Foundations 1

    If you are looking to learn belly dance online right from scratch, this course is for you. It covers all the basic movements of belly dance where you will be putting every part of your body to work!


    Stronger and more toned muscles. Several routines and combinations, such as upper body and lower body belly dancing techniques, are covered throughout the courses. The course has been divided into 11 different sections covering various belly dance fundamentals.

    Rating 4.3
    Return or refund policy 30-days-money-back-guarantee
    Certification Yes
    Paid Yes
    Duration 2.5 hours  of on-demand videos
    Enrolled 1,470 students
    Instructor Stephanie Smith


    Cons The course is too short.


    Learning Outcomes

    In these belly dancing online classes, you will learn:

    1. How to perform as many as 21 belly dance movements.
    2. How to perform 6 dance combinations.
    3. Learn 2 challenge combinations
    4. Get access to multiple dance drill sets so that you can continue your practice even after the course.
    5. Combine all the moves you learned to perform original choreography.
    6. Upper body moves and combinations
    7. Lower body moves and combinations.



    In this comprehensive belly dance course, you learn belly dance online right from the basics. Thus, you do not need any prior experience. All you need is the determination to learn a new skill.


    Who should take this course?

    These belly dance lessons online are for:

    • Those looking to learn the basics for a great foundation in this art.
    • Those looking for an exciting new way of working out to stay fit.
    • Those who want to get back in shape or stay in shape while having some fun.


    Review Dawn L.

    I really like how she’s taking it slow and getting a firm foundation. That she’s showing the movies from the side and the front (and said she’ll show from the back later) is really excellent!



    3. Belly Dance for Beginners: Technique and Combinations (Udemy)

    Belly Dance for Beginners: Technique and Combinations

    These best online belly dance classes consist of online video tutorials with step-by-step instructions on how to perform belly dance movements. It’s a great way to learn a new skill, train your muscles, develop flexibility and strengthen your core.


    As a beginner, these lessons are the perfect first step to your journey of learning how to belly dance. Whether you can spare only a few minutes to practice or you have hours to master the moves, this course is designed to support every type of learning style.


    These belly dancing online classes consists of 10 sections and 38 lectures.


    Rating 4.9
    Return or refund policy 30-days-money-back-guarantee
    Certification Yes
    Paid Yes
    Duration 5 hours  of on-demand videos
    Enrolled 1, 312 students
    Instructor Kasun Dias and Anastasia April



    Learning outcomes

    In this belly dance online course, you will be learning:

    1. Several belly dance moves include hip movements, undulations, isolations, and shimmies.
    2. You will get a better understanding of how each movement is created.
    3. You will learn how to combine the dance movements to create exciting combinations.
    4. How to enjoy performing this amazing dance.
    5. Learning belly dance will also help you get more comfortable with your body.
    6. It also improves your flexibility, mobility, and posture.



    To learn belly dance online with this course, you require:

    • A strong willingness to learn a new skill and have fun while doing it.
    • An outfit you feel comfortable in and which won’t restrict your movements.
    • A belt or hip scarf is optional, not compulsory.
    • You do not need any prior experience in dance.


    Who should take this course?

    These are the best online belly dance classes suitable for:

    • Absolute beginners and first-time dancers
    • Those who are looking to brush up their skills and move to the next level.
    • Those who practice other dance styles and want to improve their moves.


    Review Charlie W.

    I did up to level 3 now and can tell that it’s really fun!! Good way to make your hips move nicely 🙂



    4. Online Belly Dance Classes (Skillshare)

    Online Belly Dance Classes
    Skillshare is one of the most prominent online learning platforms and offers hundreds of classes across various fields and skills. Here you will find a series of top-rated courses to learn belly dance online.
    You will be mastering this dance through step-by-step guidance. The length of the class ranges from half an hour to over 2 hours. Select the tutorial you want to take up based on your level of expertise and the time you can manage to spare every day.
    You also get the opportunity to start your learning journey free of cost with Skillshare’s 7-day free trial


    Here are the top belly dance lessons online offered by Skillshare.

    1. Belly Dance Beginner: Level 1. Dancing to “1001 Nights”
    2. Belly Dance Beginners: Level 2. Dancing to “1001 Nights”
    3. Belly Dance Beginner Starts Right Project – Part One


    Review Martha Lucia Gonzalez

    I have had a few belly dance teachers before but Melissa completely changed the way I felt about myself and the way I dance! Since joining I have lost weight, toned up and become much more confident within myself. She is an inspiration and helps each of us find our inner beauty and bring that to the way we dance! Most of all, a class with Melissa is always guaranteed to be fun, fun, fun!



    5. Essence of Belly Dance by Coco

    Essence of Belly Dance by Coco
    Looking for the best free online belly dance classes? This amazing platform offers everything you need to learn this sensual art form.
    Founded by globally acclaimed belly dance performer Coco Berlin, Essence of Belly Dancing offers classes for all learning levels, right from entry-level to advanced learners. You can begin studying in the very first class if you are just starting off. If you are familiar with the fundamentals, enroll in a class that is more appropriate for your level of knowledge.
    Each class consists of multiple short YouTube videos covering warm-ups, step-by-step instructions for belly dance moves, and cool-down. These belly dancing online classes also cover drills and choreography. You will also find an overview of full-length belly dance classes.
    This holistic method is a combination of pelvic floor integration, new age mindfulness, bodywork techniques, and the art of belly dancing.


    • A leaner and more flexible body.
    • A fun way to activate your pelvic floor and feminine power.
    • Become more aware of your body.
    • Experience a boost in your confidence level and your wellbeing.



    6. Melissa Belly Dance

    Melissa Belly Dance
    These belly dance lessons online are offered by UK-based Melissa, who is a professional dance performer and teacher with years of experience.
    The instructor possesses the amazing ability to adapt the teaching methods she uses to various learning styles while keeping the whole process safe, fun, and technically on point. These classes are a great fit for anybody who wants to learn something new, desires a toned body, or looking for ways to boost self-confidence.
    By signing up for these classes to learn belly dance online, you also get a chance to be a part of an online community of like-minded learners. The classes are fun, short, and intense, ensuring maximum learning with minimum time investment.
    The platform offers dozens of videos along with weekly lessons. All you need to do is sign up, choose the course you like, and let your learning journey begin.


    7. Online Belly Dance Classes (

    Online Belly Dance Classes
  brings to you a series of belly dance online courses and learning packages through which you can learn anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace. This is your one-stop solution to learning belly dance where you get access to high-quality, step-by-step instruction videos to master each move.
    You will find instructions and performance videos featuring some of the most popular belly dancers in the world.


    How does this work?

    • Choose the belly dance lessons online you want to take and click the ‘purchase offer’ option.
    • Enter account information. You will also get the option to choose between monthly and annual payments.
    • Once the payment is successful, you’ll be taken to your video library where you can start learning instantly.


    Who is this for?

    The belly dancing online classes offered on this platform is suitable for new learners as well as those who know the fundamentals of this art and are looking to continue learning.
    Here are the top belly dance learning packages offered by this platform:

    1. Learn to Bellydance: Beginner Level
    2. Platinum Package: Complete Library
    3. Bellydancer Suite: Instruction for All Levels



    8. Belly Dance Classes (Datura)

    Belly Dance Classes
    The platform offers belly dancing online classes and dance lessons in various styles including American cabaret, Egyptian Raqs sharqi, Indian dance, North African dance, it’s and more. The belly dance and fitness classes offered on Datura have been designed to suit various learning levels.
    To get a better idea of what this platform is all about, you can check out the free content offered here. Datura offers both monthly and annual subscriptions for its learners.

    Class type:

    Once you have finally made up your mind to join in the fun, here are the different types of  belly dance lessons online you can choose from:

    • Warm-ups
    • Technique
    • Drills
    • Combinations
    • Choreography
    • Cool Downs
    • DO daily
    • Series
    • Programs
    • Documentaries and talks
    • Performances

    Here are 2 top belly dancing courses offered on this platform

    1. Intro to Datura Style Belly Dance with Rachel Brice
    2. Beginner’s Fusion Belly Dance Series with Ashley López.


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    By enrolling in one of these courses you can learn this extremely beneficial dance form by sparing just a few minutes of your time every day. For complete training, you should go for this Complete Guide To Belly Dancing.
    These paid programs as well as the best free online belly dance classes offer you the flexibility to take the classes according to your schedule and practice whenever you get the chance.

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