Are Coursera Certificates Legit Worth It?

Coursera Certificates
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Coursera certificates are valued by both employers and selected universities. A Coursera certificate can make your resume stand out from the rest.


Coursera is a popular online platform that offers an array of certifications and courses in different fields of study. Founded in 2012 by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, Coursera has since gained a reputation as one of the best online learning platforms.


One of the primary reasons for their popularity is their partnerships with top organizations and universities, such as Duke University, Stanford University, IBM, Google, and many others.


These partnerships have helped Coursera offer top-quality courses presented by some of the top-known educators in the world. Upon a small fee you also get a certificate of completion.


But are Coursera certificates worth it?


These Coursera certificates do hold a significant value. Employers and universities recognize these certificates. But the downside is, they do not come for free. If you are taking the course in the free version, no certification is awarded. You only get certified when the fees is paid.


You can bag certifications from Coursera for single courses, degree programs, and multi-class specializations. But the value of these certificates might vary depending on the institution offering them and the session opted for.


So, are Coursera certificates legit? Yes, they are and also well-recognized in the industry. Many employers view them as a reliable indicator of your knowledge and skills.


Some courses offer industry-recognized credentials that enable learners to stand out in this competitive job market. But their certificates are not curtailed to the job market.


Learners can employ them as a medium to boost their academic credentials by applying for advanced standing or credit transfer in several universities globally.


Are Coursera Certificates Worth Anything?

Coursera Certificates

Yes! Coursera certifications are indeed valuable.


Their partnerships with top organizations globally and the recognition of its certificates by universities and employers make it  valuable. It is a resource for learners who aspire to boost their skills and knowledge.


The value of the Coursera certificates depends on multiple factors, such as:


  1. The industry it belongs to
  2. Institutions offering the certificate
  3. Course

But it is crucial to understand that Coursera certificates might not hold the same value as the traditional course certification or degrees from the accredited institution. Hence, educational institutions and employers may weigh them differently in acceptance and recognition.


Research the employer or institution’s stance on the Coursera certificates before relying upon them as the primary source to demonstrate your skills and knowledge.


Furthermore, Coursera certifications can be a good value addition to your LinkedIn profile or resume. They showcase the certificate holder’s dedication, motivation, and passion for learning, which can be appealing to employers.


Why and Why Not Are Coursera Certificates Worth Paying For?

Let us take this Coursera certificate review forward by pitting against the positives and negatives of the Coursera certification below:


Pros Cons
  • 1. Accreditation: Many Coursera courses offer university credit or can be a part of the degree program. Thus, it can be an excellent pick for learners hoping to study at their dream university or get a higher education online.
  • 2. Certifications: One of the most significant reasons for a high Coursera rating is their certificates. Coursera provides the learners with a credible certificate upon completion. It can be tangible evidence for them to showcase their knowledge and skills to colleagues and employers.
  • 3. An extensive selection of courses: Coursera provides more than 4000+ course options across different fields. Thus, learners have a wide range of options to pick from.
  • 4. Top-quality content: Most courses on Coursera are taught and developed by experienced professionals or subject matter experts from renowned colleges and universities globally.
  • 5. Flexibility: When compiling this Coursera review, we found customer feedback appreciating Coursera’s flexibility. Their courses are self-paced. Thus, learners can choose to study at their time and speed. Hence, it is easier for learners to balance their studies with work or other commitments.
  • 6. Financial aid: Coursera offers financial help for eligible learners who might be unable to afford these courses otherwise, making their sessions accessible to everyone.


  • 1. Limited interaction: As the courses from Coursera are online, interaction with peers and instructors is little. It can be challenging for learners seeking additional support and guidance.
  • 2. Not all courses offer certificates: Sadly, not every Coursera course gives a certification. Some will only present a statement of accomplishment, which does not have the same value as the certificate.
  • 3. Certificate is not free: To get certified you need to pay a fee.


Thus to determine whether you must pay for the certification, weigh the pros and cons and then decide.


Are Coursera Certificates Legit – All About Them!

Now let us look at the Coursera certifications from different perspectives to help you form a reasonable basis:


A. Are Coursera certificates free?

Coursera Certificates Free




Coursera Certificates are not free. Thus, the learners are required to pay compensation to acquire a certificate.


Of course, Coursera pricing is unique, some courses bring free access to the content, and learners can audit the course for free, while others are paid. By auditing the course, learners can access the course materials. However, they do not earn a certification or participate in the graded assignments.


Learners seeking certification for the Coursera lesson should enroll and pay for it. It varies depending on the course type.


Typically, the fee for the certificate ideally ranges between $49 to $99, depending on the course type, content, and course length.


However, some courses might have a higher certification fee because of the course’s subject matter and the institution that offers the session.


Fortunately, while reviewing Coursera we came to know that it offers financial aid and scholarships for learners who need aid to pay for the course.


If eligible, you can apply for scholarships or financial help during the enrolment process. If approved, you can access the class and bag a certificate for a reduced cost or free.


Coursera Course Type Price for Its Certificate
Courses $49 onwards
Guided Projects From $9.99
Professional Certificates From $39.99
Specializations From $39.99 – with some *free content
MasterTrack Certificates From $2000
Coursera Plus $59 or $399


B. What Is Included In A Coursera Certificate?

Included In A Coursera Certificate

If employers do a Coursera certificate review,  they will typically find the following information on it:


1. Learner’s name: The name of the learner who completed the course and earned the certification,

2. Course title: The course title learner completed and earned a certification for.

3. Issuing organization: The organization name that offers the course and issues the certificate. It could be an institution, company, or the university.

4. Course completion date: The datewhen the learner completed the course and bagged the certification.

5. Course duration: The duration of the course. It can be in hours, months, or weeks.

6. Certificate ID: A unique identifier for the certificate that helps verify the authenticity.

7. Signature: The instructor’s signature or the authorized organization’s representative signature.

8. Logo of the organization behind the course.


C. What Does A Coursera Certificate Signify?

Coursera certificates can signify the following:


1. Course completion: The learner completed the course or a series of sessions on Coursera, including all the required exams, quizzes, and assignments.

2. Skills and knowledge: The learner has acquired the skills and knowledge associated with the course topic and demonstrated their proficiency via the course assessment.

3. Professional development: The certificate also showcases that the learner took the time and effort towards their professional development and acquired new knowledge and skills to help them advance in their career or pursue new opportunities.


Does The Coursera Certificate Have Value In A College Application?

Coursera Certificate Have Value In A College

Coursera certificates may have value in college applications, primarily if they are relevant to the learner’s intended study area or align with their career goals.


Universities and colleges might see the certificates as a demonstration of your interest, motivation, or interest in the particular subject area.


Further, they may also see the certificate as evidence of your ability to succeed in the online learning environment and manage time effectively.


But please note that the value of Coursera certificate reviewed in the college application will vary depending on the specific program and the institution to which you apply.


Some colleges and universities give more weight to Coursera certificates than others, and some programs might be more interested in specific subjects or courses.


Hence, learners must research the programs and courses they are interested in to determine whether Coursera certificates are relevant to their application.


Further, consider how to put forth the credentials effectively in their applications, such as highlighting the knowledge and skills gained from the course and how that relates to their career and academic goals.


So, are Coursera certificates worth it for higher studies? They will hold value only if it is stated so in the course itself plus depends on where you are applying as well.


Is The Coursera Certificate Valid For A Resume?

Coursera Certificate Valid For A Resume

Yes, the Coursera certificate is a valid credential that learners can include in their resumes to showcase their knowledge and skills in a particular subject area.


Coursera certificates are verifiable and digital. Hence, potential employers can verify their authenticity by checking the unique certificate ID number.


Listing the Coursera certificate on the resume can help you stand out from other applicants and showcase your commitment to continuous learning and professional development.


Employers may see it as evidence of your initiative, motivation, and willingness to put in time and effort toward personal and professional growth.

Do Employers Look At Coursera Certificates? Is The Coursera Certificate Valid For Jobs?

 Employers Look At Coursera Certificates

Yes, employers look at the Coursera certificates and consider them valuable credentials to showcase a candidate’s knowledge and skill in a particular subject area.


In some industries like data science and technology, employers actively seek out candidates with Coursera certificates or other credentials. These industries are immensely competitive, and the highly rated Coursera courses can be an excellent way for candidates to differentiate themselves from the other applicants.


But please note that the importance of the Coursera certificate in the job application might vary depending on the employer and the specific job requirements.


Some employers put more value on traditional academic credentials or work experience, whereas others value the knowledge and skills showcased by the Coursera certificates.


Hence, you must research the job requirements and the employer’s expectations to determine whether the certificates are relevant.

Google Coursera Certificates, Are They Worth It?

The value of these Google certificates from Coursera depends on the learner’s career aspirations and specific goals.


For learners interested in a career in project management, data analysis, or IT support, these certificates can offer a solid foundation of skills and knowledge and prove beneficial in the job market.


Moreover, these accreditations are in collaboration with Google. It adds more credibility to the credential and signals to the employer that the learner received training from a respected industry leader.


The certificates can also help the learners build a portfolio of projects that showcases their knowledge and skills to potential employers.


But please note these certifications do not replace traditional academic degrees or work experience.


So even though they offer learners valuable knowledge and skills, employers might still place more value on candidates with relevant work experience or degrees in the field.


Hence, learners must research their career goals and the specific requirement of the target industry or job to assess whether the Google certificate from Coursera is worth pursuing.


Do Coursera Certificates Expire?

Coursera Certificates Expire

The Coursera certificate’s expiration depends on the course provider’s policy and the certificate type. Here are some general guidelines:


1. Courses: The individual course credential does not expire. So, once you complete the course, you can keep the certification for as long as you like.

2. Specializations: These certificates also do not expire. After completing the courses in the specialization, you will receive a certificate that you may download and keep.

3. Professional certificates showcase your proficiency in a specific skill set and may expire after a timeline. Course provider determines their expiration, and learners may find this information on the course description page.

4. MasterTrack Certificates:These offer learners advanced skills in a specific field and may expire after a period. You will find the expiration date on the course description page.


Are Certificates From Coursera Worth It To Showcase on LinkedIn?

Coursera Worth It To Showcase on LinkedIn

Yes, you can add Coursera certificates to your LinkedIn to showcase your knowledge and skills to potential employers and network with professionals in the industry.


Many recruiters and employers use LinkedIn, and by including the Coursera certificates on your LinkedIn profile, you can stand out from other candidates.


Final Word – Are Coursera Certificates Worth Anything?

In conclusion, among the different Coursera alternatives, Coursera certificates can be an excellent tool for learners hoping to accentuate their knowledge and skills in different fields.


The value of the certification varies depending on the specific certificate, the learner’s career goals, and the job market’s requirements.


But in all cases they can be an excellent way to showcase proficiency in a skill set and highlight your commitment to lifelong learning.


So, depending on how you plan on using it, they are worth it!


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