AutoCAD: Pros and Cons Of Using It

Advantages and disadvantages of autocad
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Traditionally, architects and engineers used to make drawings manually to show their ideas and creative skills. But today modern technology including computer and designing software like AutoCAD have taken place of pen and paper. With the help of virtual designs, it has become easier to shape your ideas effectively and quickly.
Now, you must be wondering “What is AutoCAD?” and “What are the advantages and disadvantages of AutoCAD?” You can easily find out the answers to all your doubts with the help of this blog.
AutoCAD is computer-aided design software. It was developed by a company known as Autodesk from where it was named AutoCAD. It allows you to save time and effort by allowing you to draw 2D and 3D designs and then change them quickly.
It is much more easy and simple to use CAD tools than produce designs manually. The best part is that you can easily save and store files in the cloud and easily access them from anywhere.
Some common reasons to use AutoCAD include easier edits of designs, quick production of designs, and the creation of accurate designs. But, like everything, AutoCAD also has scope for improvement. So, today we will discuss the important pros and cons of AutoCAD.
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Why is AutoCAD All The Rage?

There is no doubt that AutoCAD is the most liked computer-aided software program. It is used by many expert professionals, architects, drafters, and engineers. It is used to produce attractive 2D and 3D models of objects. The software helps avoid product failures and issues with warranty.
The best feature of AutoCAD is that it allows users to produce realistic presentations with their innovative skills and creative ideas. It also offers the required workflow and tools to create and design quality products.
Before the invention of AutoCAD programs, there were only manual designing tools like pencils, compasses, drafting boards, triangles, and parallel rulers. With their help, designers were only able to produce two-dimensional designs.
The software was launched in 1982 and presently it comes under the highly useful CAD application. It is because of the innumerable features the tool offers that we have so many advantages of AutoCAD usage.
Based on the needs of users the software has been developed into some personalized variants of programs. This includes AutoCAD LT, Map 3D, AutoCAD LT, Civil 3D, AutoCAD Architecture, and Plant 3D.
The software also has features like commanding the visual characteristics of automated designs, dimensions, adding materials and light to 3D models as well as managing the edges and shades of 3D models.
Now professionals from across the globe use AutoCAD software for designing and constructing buildings, infrastructure, and other constructions. This software virtually allows industries to plan and create projects.
AutoCAD promotes a simple yet powerful flow of work to help users in the effective and accurate execution of design projects.
You could go through this roadmap to learn AutoCAD and understand how to utilize the best resources for your benefit.

What Are The Pros and Cons of AutoCAD Usage?

In the last twenty-five years, the manufacturing and building sector has seen many changes. Thanks to AutoCAD for helping people in taking their creative ideas and innovative skills to next level.


Here, check out some amazing benefits of AutoCAD.

1. Time-Saving

Thanks to the invention of AutoCAD software, with its help you can easily make attractive drawings without investing much time. Also, you can use the same drawing to create another drawing will ultimately save you time. Hence, you can easily produce multiple copies of the same drawings quickly.

2. Provides standardized results

A great benefit of using AutoCAD is that it provides standardized results. The software is highly used for creating unique Computer Aided Designs. This helps other CAD packages simply imitate the processes of AutoCAD.
It further reduces the chances of error and ensures the compatibility of its files in the industrial field. Reading till the end will guide you towards other advantages and disadvantages of AutoCAD and help you decide whether it is your preferred CAD tool or not.

3. Less chances of error

Since AutoCAD is highly advanced, it decreases the percentage of error. Whereas in the case of manual designing there are higher chances of error.

4. Offers 3D view

Before beginning any manufacturing project, experts use virtualization to get a 3D view of a project. This is one of the great benefits why people use AutoCAD, helpful in building huge-scale productions such as bridges, designs, and more.

5. Create Simulation

Another advantage of AutoCAD is that it helps users wire-frame models and simulations. With its help, manufacturers can easily check the model functionalities by studying its prototype.

6. Provide accurate results

Another great advantage of using AutoCAD is that it can easily produce even heavy files. This software offers unbeatable accuracy to measure how skilfully and precisely the designs are created. Some commands used for the accurate production of designs are Zoom, attach, and Grid Snap.

7. Make editing easier

When it comes to designing, you may often feel the need to make some changes. Manually it can be very time-consuming and difficult to make any alterations to your drawings. But when you are using efficient design software, it will be easier to edit and modify your designs.

8. Easy transfer of Data

This amazing software allows easier transfer of data. That’s right. You can quickly share various heavy files with any number of people at the same time. There is no loss of data during the process.

9. Quick export or import of files

With the invention of AutoCAD, it has become possible to easily import or export heavy files. Its inventor features help to speedily export/import even heavy files and maximize the program’s productivity.

10. Allow covering up complex designs

Often there are some specific details that people might not want to share with other users. In that case, AutoCAD allows users to show or conceal any complicated details or drawings for better understanding.
So, if you wish to get proficient in AutoCAD, here are the best courses to consider.


Now we know that there are various advantages of using AutoCAD software. But, there is the other side of the coin as well. There are some disadvantages of AutoCAD which you need to focus on.

1. Requires powerful equipment

This software needs high power to operate smoothly. That said, you will need high a performance computer and related equipment in order to do operations using AutoCAD. It can lead to unreasonably high expenses.

2. Restricts file formats

It can be difficult to import and export different file formats simultaneously in AutoCAD. It often allows restricted file formats. Also, it creates hindrances when you use power tools for this job. For instance, the program could completely lose its color, effects, and geometry. From all the pros and cons of AutoCAD, this one bothers most of the users.

3. Texture, Fill, and Color

AutoCAD uses helpful tools like hatch and line for improving designs’ texture, fill, and color. But here the drawback is that AutoCAD offers a limited number of colors, i.e. only 256. Also, it fails to give realistic photos using the hatching tool since it only provides texture to pictures.

4. Fail to edit Line

It’s true that the software can produce clear shapes with the help of tools like arcs, straight lines, and curves. But in comparison to other illustration programs, the software fails to edit location and line. This software doesn’t use volumetric models but 3D geometry that hardly provides any effects.

5. Higher implementation cost and time

You’ll need someone with specialized skills and knowledge to run this software. But for training people, you will need to invest a lot of time and money to get remarkable drawings and designs. This is one of the drawbacks that concerns many.

6. Takes high power

AutoCAD is a brilliant software that requires high-powered computer processing. It simply means that you’ll need high-performance computer hardware for running software. In addition to this, you might even need to purchase advanced manufacturing devices.

7. AutoCAD is not free for all

Getting a registered AutoCAD software is costly as it does not come for free. Though there are a few ways to get AutoCAD for free with limited time access.

Do The Benefits Outweigh The Disadvantages or Vice Versa?

Now that you are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of AutoCAD, you must be wondering if they outweigh each other or not.
Being a mid-range and user-friendly software, AutoCAD satisfies the requirements of most professionals that use computer aided designing in some form.
It makes virtual designing possible along with a series of benefits like ease of accuracy, easy editing, easy reproduction of designs, and so on. So, it won’t be wrong to assume that the benefits of AutoCAD certainly outweigh the drawbacks.

Let’s Hear It Directly From The Users What Do They Have To Say About AutoCAD

Gartner Peer Insights highlights the likes and dislikes shared by users for AutoCAD

  • Most users like using AutoCAD as one of the best software that supports the easy creation of 2D drawings.
  • It is a great software for creating almost everything with ease.
  • Many people use AutoCAD for engineering and designing classes to produce effective designs.
  • Some people consider it a good tool for personalization and integration but with restricted capabilities.
  • Whereas some users consider it as outdated software that is being used due to familiarity.

Here is what we think of AutoCAD software.

Up-to-datedness 4 star
User Interface 4.5 star
Technical Functions 4 star
Ease of Use 5 star
Pricing 3.5 star


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To Sum Up… 

After thorough research about the pros and cons of AutoCAD, we found that the software application is highly useful. Due to its great scalability most people working in the construction, design, and architectural industry use this software.
So, if you too thinking about learning AutoCAD, just go for it!

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