Web Designing Interview Questions and Answers To Prep For!

Web designing interview questions and answers
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They say you have about seven seconds to make the first impression on anyone and interviews are no exception. To get your dream job as a web designer or any other profile per say, you must ace the interviews. There is stiff competition everywhere and you have only one chance to make it count.


For this, preparation is the key. So, you must practice and rehearse some of the top web designing interview questions and answers to make an impression in the interview and land the job.


What are the questions you should practice? Below, we will discuss some of the most commonly asked responsive web design interview questions and answers. Let us get started and address them one by one.


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Web Designer Job Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 1. Tell me something about yourself.

Ans. It is an introductory question. So, you can be brief, but try to let the recruiters know as much about yourself as possible. It is your golden chance to capture the interviewer’s interest in your personality.


So, talk about your schooling, educational background, hometown, interests, and strengths. You can also add the kind of experience you have in the field.


Ques 2. Why do you want to be a web designer?

Ans. This is one of the more generic responsive web design interview questions and answers. So, as a reply to it, prepare a list of all the reasons you are passionate about web designing. You can also back it with a story of when you decided to be a designer. Herein, you can be personal and showcase your love for the occupation.


Ques 3. What is a responsive web design in CSS and HTML?

Ans. It is impossible to ignore such responsive design interview questions when appearing for web design interviews.


So, a responsive design is a concept wherein you create web pages that are compatible with multiple screen resolutions, sans any screen tearing or loss of information. A responsive website auto-adjusts the webpage according to the device to ensure an optimal viewing experience.


Ques 4. How comfortable are you with HTML and CSS?

Ans. It is one of the top web designing interview questions and answers because the agency, company, or team size you are interviewing for decides your job responsibilities.


However, some candidates tend to fake their familiarity with CSS and HTML without actually possessing these skills. So, back your experience in the field by showing your portfolio wherein you worked with CSS and HTML.


Ques 5. Tell me about a project you are most proud of.

Ans. While you respond to such responsive design interview questions, you should be able to back your reply with a portfolio website. Further, explain how you solved a particular problem associated with this site. It gives the interviewer an impression that you incorporate your design thinking into every project.


For such interview questions for responsive web design, you will need Wi-Fi and a computer. So, if you are unsure whether you will have access to them, please carry along your laptop or iPad to showcase your work.


Ques 6. What are the five values for the position?

Again this is one of the technical web designer job interview questions and answers. So, please do not add unnecessary fluff to these responsive web design interview questions.

Ans. Values for the position – Inherit, Fixed, Absolute, Relative, and Static


Ques 7. How do you handle tight deadlines and pressure?

Interviewers ask such web designing interview questions and answers to check if you have your distinct way of handling pressure. We live in a fast-paced world. Hence, it is quintessential to hold the ability to handle stressful situations and overcome hardships.


Thus, while addressing such interview questions for responsive web design, point out some techniques that you employ to handle tight deadlines and pressure. You can also elucidate a situation where you faced similar circumstances.


Ques 8. How do you align pictures to place them one above the other?

The question demands a straightforward reply. So, stick to the point.


Ans. You can align the pictures with the align statement in the IMG SRC tag.

<img src=”abdc.gif” align=top>


You can modify the alignment as align=top, align=middle, align=centre, etc.


Ques 9. Point out the difference between HTML and HTML5.

Ans. HTML5 is the newer version of HTML. It includes additional properties like added local SQL database, canvas, audio, and video modifications, 3D and 2D images, placeholder, and date select function. It also allows the webpage to lower the employment of external plugins like Flash Player or other libraries.


Ques 10. Mention some of the common languages employed in web designing?

It is one of the top web designer job interview questions and answers.

Ans. So, the most common languages used in web designing are:

  • PHP for creating dynamic web pages and server-side scripting.
  • JavaScript to make web pages interactive.
  • HTML to structure the web pages, their content, and the template.
  • CSS for styling the website in looks and layout.


Ques 11. Can you suggest a few ways to optimize a website?

It is one of the responsive web design interview questions and answers requiring detailed answering. Such responsive design interview questions help test your knowledge.

Ans. There are multiple ways to amplify a website’s performance. A few of them are:

  • Compress the assets in the aptest form and at optimal settings.
  • Write clean and concise HTML codes.
  • Serve responsive images according to the pixel density and the screen size.
  • Use conditional loading tactics to display what’s required at first.
  • Do not include compiled frameworks
  • Minimize JS and CSS code to save some KB of every page load.
  • Stop loading CSS modules or unused scripts
  • Enable server-side caching mechanisms


Ques 12. Name the five elements that support media content in HTML5?

It is one of the top-asked web designing interview questions and answers. Be direct while replying to such web designer job interview questions and answers.


Ans. Five elements that support media in HTML5 are:

  • <audio>
  • <video>
  • <source>
  • <embed>
  • <track>


Ques 13. State the difference between a bulleted list and numbered list.

It is one of the responsive web design interview questions and answers you almost always find in every interview.


Ans. Bulleted records employ the <ul> tag to specify the unordered lists. On the other hand, the numbered lists use the <ol> tag for the ordered lists.


Ques 14. How many tags to use in a simple HTML webpage?

Ans. In a simple HTML webpage, there are eight tags in pairs of four.




Simple webpage








Ques 15. Give some examples of a bad web design.

These are also common responsive web design interview questions to test your knowledge of intricacies in web design.

Ans. Some examples of bad web design are:

  • Too many headlines
  • List of links
  • Huge images
  • Flashing, spinning, or blinking images
  • Black background with dark text
  • Huge images or too many images
  • Blinking text
  • Black background with pale, white, or light text
  • Everything centered
  • Busy tiled background images with improper colored text


Ques 16. Discuss the responsibilities of a web developer.

Ans. Generally, this web designer job interview questions and answers include the following points:


  • Building products with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, or any other relevant coding language
  • Website maintenance
  • Monitoring web traffic
  • Keeping up with the latest tech trends
  • Updating websites to keep pace with the newest trends
  • Offering assistance with top web management practices
  • Coordinate with programmers and designers for project development
  • Identifying and fixing bugs, resolving and troubleshooting website issues.
  • Design, develop, test, debug, and deploy applications in a cross-browser, cross-platform environment
  • Optimizing web programs
  • Handling the website’s technical aspects like performance and cache


Ques 17. How do you integrate CSS files into your webpage?

Ans. You can integrate the CSS file into HTML files by adding the file after the <head> tag with the property called <link>.


For instance –

<head><Link REL=STYLESHEET HREF= “filename.css”Type=“text/css”></head>


Ques 18. What is white space? How does it affect the content on the page?


Ans. To answer this responsive web design interview questions, you must say that any area left purposely blank on the website is the white space. It does not need to be white. But, the idea behind white space is to group or separate the elements or capture the attention of any particular one. It can also help emphasize the content layout.


Ques 19. What do you find hard in coding?

It is a way to ask about your weaknesses but from a technical point of view.


Ques 20. What is your expected salary range?

It is one of the must-ask responsive design interview questions, especially if you are applying for junior designer roles. With this question, the interviewers try to understand your requirements and expectations for the position.


If you are starting, this question might be tricky for you to answer. So, please research the average salaries for new designers beforehand. Your quoted expectations should neither be too high nor too low. However, if you are a seasoned professional respond to these web designing interview questions and answers to depict confidence.


Bonus Responsive Web Design Interview Questions and Answers You Should Prepare

Ques 21. How do you prioritize your work?

Ques 22. What if the client changes the project’s scope mid-way? How will you tackle this situation?

Ques 23. Where do you see your web development career in five years?

Ques 24. Tell me about a time you received negative feedback.

Ques 25. What was your response to it?

Ques 26. How did you incorporate this feedback?

Ques 27. What is a prompt box?

Ques 28. What are the different JavaScript types?

Ques 29. Explain the DOCTYPE term

Ques 30. How do you compress images?

Ques 31. Define Grid systems?

Ques 32. Is CSS case sensitive? (Ans. No, CSS is not case sensitive)

Ques 33. What do you mean by Entity tag?

Ques 34. How does it work?

Ques 35. What is the difference between elements and tags in HTML?

Ques 36. What is the right way to include JavaScript into your HTML?

Ques 37. What are the video formats used in web development?

Ques 38. What are the formats for data exchange?

Ques 39. What is good Web design?

Ques 40. Name some elements that have disappeared.

Ques 41. What are your favorite visual design tools? Why?

Ques 42. Also, tell me about a project where you disagreed with other designers. How did you finally come to a negotiation?

Ques 43. What is HTML?

Ques 44. According to you, what is one trend in web design that we must look forward to?

Ques 45. Share some web design skills you learned recently.

Ques 46. What’s your thought process when solving problems?

Ques 47. What is the difference between a block-level element and an inline element?

Ques 48. Tell me your strengths and weaknesses.

Ques 49. Why do you want to leave your current job?

Ques 50. State the difference between an alert box and a confirm box.

Ques 51. Tell me about some of your favorite examples of UX design.

Ques 52. How would you improve the UX of our product?

Ques 53. How to create a Hyperlink in HTML?

Ques 54. Discuss the time when you created an outstanding client service as a developer.

Ques 55. Share your experience with UX.

Ques 56. How would you overcome a creative block?

Ques 57. Are there any specific clients of ours you want to work with?

Ques 58. Explain the difference between responsive design and adaptive design

Ques 59. Discuss the use of HTML tags – STRONG, EM, SMALL?

Ques 60. State the pros of HTTP/2 over HTTP 1.1/.

Ques 61. What is the difference between Null, Empty, and Undefined values?

Ques 62. Do professional Web designers use Dreamweaver?

Ques 63. Talk about the difference between Span and Div tag in HTML5.

Ques 64. What is your preferred development environment?

Ques 65. What is the external style sheet?

Ques 66. How can we link it?

Ques 67. What do you understand by information architecture? (Ans. The structure and route of the whole website.)

Ques 68. How do you stay updated with trends? Do you incorporate them into your work?

What does “1”+2+4 return? ( The question has + sign and strings. So, the answer will be 124.)

Ques 69. As a designer, while declaring the delete button, what will be your color of choice? (Ans. Red)

Ques 70. How many H1 tags can we have on one webpage?

Ques 71. Talk about HTML5 Web storage.

Ques 72. What is a Dreamweaver Template?

Ques 73. What is the difference between a cookie and a session?

Ques 74. What’s the difference between HTML elements and tags?

Ques 75. Discuss limitations of XHTML pages.

Ques 76. What is pair programming?

Ques 77. Define Node Package Manager.

Ques 78. What are the different JavaScript types?

Ques 79. What is Webpack?

Ques 80. In CSS, when do you use CSS float?

Ques 81. What are the reasons for the browser freeze issue?

Ques 82. Are HTML and CSS enough to create a website?

Ques 83. Point out the differences between desktop development and mobile development.

Ques 84. How would a manager or a developer who has worked with you define you?

Ques 85. How can you set an image as a background on web pages?

Ques 86. If there is a bug causing issues in the web design, which tools will you use?

Ques 87. Why is the mouse cursor slightly tilted and not straight?

Ques 88. Which website builder is best?

Ques 89. List out some of the JQuery functions used for webpage designing?

Ques 90. What is the work area in Photoshop?

Ques 91. Can you give me an HTML code to create an e-mail link? (Ans. <a href=”mailto:xxx@yyy”>.)

Ques 92. State markup elements used in HTML.

Ques 93. When would you use a JPEG compression?

Ques 94. And when is PNG preferred over JPEG?

Ques 95. How to fix the image in the background?

Ques 96. You cannot figure out a coding issue yourself. What will you do?

Ques 97. What is negative infinity in JavaScript?

Ques 98. Why did you quit your last job?

Ques 99. Where do you go for inspiration?

Ques 100. Do you prefer to multi-task or work on one project at a time?


What Questions Should I Ask A Design Interviewer?

Apert from preparing your own responsive web design interview questions and answers, there are some questions you can ask the design interviewer:

  1. Can you tell me more about the job?
  2. How long has this position been open?
  3. What can you tell me about the person to whom I would report?
  4. What are the steps and timeline for the interview process?
  5. What is the compensation range for the position?
  6. According to you, what are the skills a web designer must-have?
  7. Can you tell me why other candidates weren’t selected?
  8. What all projects did your organization do to ensure diversity?
  9. How many people will be on my team?
  10. Will I receive a desktop?
  11. Do you allow remote working on some days?


How Do I Prepare For A Web Design Interview?

In addition to the web designing interview questions and answers, here are some tips to prepare for a web design interview:

  • Create a beautiful portfolio
  • Have a solid resume
  • Be clear about your job requirements
  • Prepare all the frequently asked questions.
  • Clearly state the acceptable salary range to avoid miscommunications or disappointments later.


Responsive Design Interview Questions – FAQs

Ques 1. How can I introduce myself as a fresher?

Ans. When an interviewer asks about you, you have to use this opportunity to:

  • Showcase your qualities without being too boastful.
  • Talk about your schooling and degree in college.
  • List your educational and academic achievements.
  • It is optional to talk about family members, but it can be an advantage if they are from the same field.
  • Speak about your hobbies, strengths, and weaknesses.


Ques 2. What is the basic knowledge of web designing?

Ans. To correctly answer this responsive web design interview questions, you must focus on the vital skills a web designer must possess, like:

  • Familiarity with basic design tools
  • HTML & CSS
  • Relevant programming languages
  • Web Server Management
  • Understanding of UX/UI
  • The clarity in virtual design
  • Knowledge of SEO 
  • Fundamental information about digital marketing
  • Knowledge of Content Management System
  • Understanding of responsive design


Ques 3. What technical skills must a web designer have?

Ans. A web designer must have the following technical skills:

  • Knowing how to use design software
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Visual Design
  • Understanding of color theory


Ques 4. Is responsive web design a skill?

Ans. To answer this responsive web design interview questions, you must say that responsive web design is not a skill but a key component of web design.


Ques 5. What are the questions asked in a web development interview?

Ans. Here are five common questions asked in a web development interview:

Ques 1. What are the responsibilities of a web developer?

Ques 2. What sparked your interest in web development?

Ques 3. What is an ETag, and how does it work?

Ques 4. Give some tips to reduce page load time?

Ques 5. What is the importance of Cross-Origin Resource Sharing?



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